Web Outsourcing

Re-Bit has been providing outsourced software development services and business process outsourcing since 2010. Re-Bit's clients approach offshoring as a part of their business strategy and it is our job to see that that strategy is fulfilled. Many of our clients have tried offshoring before with mixed results or they have been reluctant to try it due to stories they have heard. We are here to make the process easy for them. A good IT Outsourcing Firm is a key to your success. We also offer our skills in related technologies like XHTML, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL. We offer the conversion from PSD to XHTML for the start of your development. We will help you in getting the best PHP code which can be rich in structural functionality. We will make sure that your web pages load in minimum time and increase the SEO and web browsers compatibility.

We are fluent with JavaScript which is a prototype based scripting language that can be object oriented and can support functional programming styles. We can also develop MySQL, a database system that can run as a server offering multi-user access to a number of databases with the Structured Query Language.

Bold Endeavours outsource team advantages:

  • Reliable outsource team
  • Creative solutions
  • 24/7 online support
  • New technologies used
  • Cost reduction with no quality lost in the products delivered
  • Project management system in place


We provide long list of outsourcing PHP web development and PHP application development services to our clients globally.

  • Web directory
  • Event bookings
  • Payment Getway Intigration
  • E-commerce
  • Social Apps
  • Customized website development
  • Shopping Portal
  • Financial portal
  • Hierarchy mailing system
  • Electronic newsletter
  • View product order
  • Blogs and CMS development
  • Poll and survey system
  • Admin Panel
  • Product catalogues
  • Membership Portal
  • Society management
  • Event bookings
  • Online booking system
  • Fashion and dating portal
  • Rating and review system
  • Feedback generating

We provide long list of outsourcing SEO services

  • Every day online position report
  • 3 days on week analytics report
  • Online private office
  • We approach in a fully ethical and organic way to avoid black listing from indexing.
  • Long time page index
  • We think for you, work for you and give best return for your investment.
  • Cost effective, reliable, trusted outsourcing SEO partner
  • If you are not satisfied we will work for FREE until you get results.
  • We research and analysis the area of visitors to give the maximum result.
  • Highly competitive cost effective.
  • Continuous communication and showing positive result.

Outsource Web Design
Since the Internet appeared, everyone who has their business offline felt the necessity to promote it in the worldwide web. As online presence is vital for any company that has its own site and wants to boost its positions and be successful. Ainstainer can provide you with efficient outsource web design services, that will let you take top positions and rule out your competitors.

Outsource Graphic Design
Ainstainer can offer you eye-catching graphic design solutions, that will not leave you indifferent. We skillfully use colors and emotions to create direct association with your products or/and services. Whether it be a product launch, an advertising campaign or designing of a newsletter or a leaflet and even more, our in-house developers know how to make it work successfully. Use our outsource graphic design services and get consistent and feature-rich projects at the output.

Outsource Mobile Design
Nowadays to have an attractive mobile website design is a necessary part of growing your business into the future, as we have got a great rise in mobile and smartphone usage. By customizing your mobile design for cell phones, you are making the information about your website available to people who only have access to the Internet via these devices. You can hire dedicated designer with Ainstainer and watch your ideas taking eye-catching forms!


Outsourcing benefits in Ukraine

  • Easy to reach Your IT team - no visa, large number of outsourcing providers for medium and small business, visa entrance for EU and US citizens
  • Travel
2-3 hour flight from major European cities.
 Low-cost flights. 
Close location to Western Europe
  • Low rates for offshore software development in Eastern Europe
  • High skilled programmers and QA specialists
  • Strong technical universities in Ukraine
  • Nearshore outsourcing, European mentality, no significant time difference


Our years of experience with online marketing allowed us to enhance our web develope with a powerful set of tools for all types of projects and start up. Re-Bit outsource is a big group of highly motivated, digital oriented and simply smart programmers individuals. Saving the world with each line of code, we dedicated ourselves to bring masterpiece IT solutions, which will make the world better. Contact us to find answers on any questions you have, or better send us inquiry with brief project description here and we will contact you with our offer.