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Internet business is moving forward by leaps and bounds, leaving behind all that which did not find  time or energy for the acquisition of knowledge and skills for effectively promote their ideas. For the "young" companies almost at the outset of their work raises the question of how can to express themselves, how can make a company recognizable as attract more customers, in a word - how can competently build an advertising campaign that will bring results? We have developed a complete solution that will help you conduct a competent advertising campaign at the start of your business. This decision we have tried to present in different price categories, so that everyone can choose the appropriate tariff for themselves, according to their financial capabilities and ambitions.





Company Re-Bit offers professional and individual assistance for people who have just begun to conduct their business on the Internet, but even at the initial stage of its work is not ready "be in the end.”  As  proverb says - "a good start - half the battle." That’s why our company offers to make a choice in favor of strong, good  start! We are ready to provide support and assistance, which will be guaranteed of success. What will we be useful and what can we offer?

  • comprehensive vision of your particular idea;
  • real circuit for it the most profitable of its implementation in the network;
  • ability and knowledge to implement the most ambitious plans;
  • experience and expertise in the development of complex web-systems, marketing promotion services on the Internet;
  • creating advanced and innovative advertising campaigns;
  • the development of branding and positioning;
  • intrent Marketing.





The main goal pursued by the company Rebit, it is to attract the attention of the target audience, the real customers to customer design, its output to a new level by improving the promotion and optimization of web-client project. To achieve this, our experts will provide not just advice to start-ups and comprehensive service beginner resource. Practice shows us that the modern entrepreneur who decided to conquer the World Wide Web, not enough to know the main tasks of internet marketing and solutions. He should to find a team that is ready to knowingly use modern knowledge and technology for the benefit of a growing company. Our team has this knowledge! Start of any business can predict it destiny. Web Studio "Rebit" offers our help and interesting idea to start a business on the Internet. Doing business processes online allows you to reach a large audience, as each consumer uses the Internet. The more technology develops, the more people use the network for their own purposes. Today, no one are surprised buying tickets online, purchase goods in the store, doing business through partnerships and many other sites. The great advantage of the Internet is that every product in sight, the main present it well.





Design studio "Rebit" offers following ideas to start an online business:

  • Development sites of any type and complexity
  • Create applications for mobile phones and tablets
  • Optimization of Internet resources and web applications for search network
  • Promotion of finished projects in social networks
  • Game Development





Web development process of the complex, but for the team of studio "Rebit" it is a way to express our skills and implementing customer's request into reality. We use new technology for the development of sites and applications on high-quality sites for the excellent work. Correct and fast work of Site always like potential customers, as well as it increases the confidence of search robots. We use animation, 3D design and other modern ways to achieve business tops. Web Studio "Rebit" differs create a unique design. Graphic design for websites, applications and games have the key to success, as bright and expressive type of resource has a positive effect on target audience. Maybe someone would think that being in top positions in SERPs Google or Yandex unrealistic. We can prove and show in practice that the site of your company can be in the first place. To this end, our marketing and seo optimizers do a competitive analysis of the market and modern ways to get your site on the leading position of the company.





Specialists of web studio "Rebit" take care of attracting real customers, and not only visitors. Attract customers simply beautiful design, but keep him to inspire confidence and encourage buy your product - it is quite another. Our quality and professional work on the creation of websites, applications and promotion guarantees maximum profitable results. We analyze and experiment as long as the result does not satisfy the customer's needs. We are working on the result!