Web sites and web applications

Website development for your company, services, business will enhance your brand's image and encourage your customers to action. Functional and stylish website - successful business and professionalism we create projects from scratch as well as support existing systems. We also emphasize the essence of your business and give you a more competitive advantage.


Re-Bit team takes into account all your requirements to set up a website that helps you attract new customers. Our management system gives you an opportunity to control the content – to add and remove products, change the home page, create new items and press releases. Our specialists develop effective solutions to help you easily manage your web resource. We create websites that allow your business to stand out from the rivals and attract potential new customers.


Division sites by more popular type:

  • Online business cards and individual sites
  • All manner of Corporate web portals
  • Design & Development of online stores
  • Promo-page design & creation
  • Site card, landing pages, etc


Main steps in creating a website

  • Collection of information – moment of signing the contract of site development or another action.
  • Generating task or ideas – is a process of creations and selection an options of project  concerning the appearance of site. Functioning, technical features, psychological perception of structure and range of colors etc, as well as value and terms of development.
  • Design - is made according modern fashion trends and your users demands; we will consider few sites as samples of Customer’s preferences.
  • Layout – process of web pages formation for all modern Browsers (IE, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • Programming - part is a modern content management system. It is can be popular development platform our individual content management system. It will help you edit absolutely everything that is placed in your site without our help.
  • After programming - the ready site on the server it becomes Your own property. From this time You become its administrator, we provide only advisory support according to your requirements.  If you are not able to provide site administration, we will take this function.



Very important, while site developing, our company take into account principles of search optimization: create preconditions for further improving the rating of the new site. Today website development is a unique process. It requires intellectual approach, both creative ideas, qualitative technical implementation and good team:

  •     Consider website structure development based on analytics and custom factors of specific target audiences
  •     Development of a responsive, beautiful and unique website UI/UX design with emphasis on the main message to users
  •     Good HTML coding and installing website on CMS





Custom websites development

In order to get a success nowadaysjusy one effective way to reach new clients to your web prodject -  seo, adwords online marketing with your own professionally development, designed custom website combined with good quality SMM (social media platforms). Website is not fashion trends, it really useful tool that will help your business, company, etc achieve the goals what you need, or improving the profits and increase the number of clients



Now your own startup, website has become one of the best tool for small and local businesses. No matter what type of business and services you wont to start promote online, it will help you make big profits, create new effective and profitable relationships. Any website is valued on the basis of idea, development and design that present the main objective of its develope and creation. Only good programing and custom design will make your site great sense of technology to build a website that bring results. Prodject, StartUp, website is an easy way to represent your entire business all over the world.



The custom website distinction and attribute - diversity from competitors templates and individual developments tools. Because become an effective marketing and advertising tool for your businesses which built base on your specifications by all team designers, programming, etc. Re-Bit Digital Agency is proud to say that our main quality: good technology and design. Our proficient team of web designers and web developers are capable of offering great and dependable web solutions. It will help to set off your most complicated business ideas.



We always quality assurance and maintenance of delivered solutions. We have extensive experience with the following types of custom web development:
    •    Joomla, Drupal, WordPress CMS systems
    •    Corporate websites
    •    eCommerce solutions
    •    Blogs and small websites
    •    Flash animated websites
    •    Social networking and community websites
    •    Intranet systems and web applications
    •    Facebook applications
    •    PHP development
    •    Maintenance and support
    •    and many other web development project types.



Re-Bit Digital Agency has expertise in website development:
    •    E-commerce websites development
    •    Open source development
    •    Blog websites development
    •    Mobile ready websites development
    •    Custom websites development
    •    Enterprise websites development



Technologies or platforms we work with:

  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • OsCommerce
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Zen Cart
  • Drupal
  • Ajax
  • VAM Shop
  • Open Cart
  • NetCat
  • Custom



    •    PHP5
    •    Java
    •    Java Script (JQuery, Dojo)
    •    HTML 5
    •    CSS




  • Google Map API
  • Facebook API
  • Vkontakte API
  • Google Analytics
  • ECommerce
  • Instagram Api



Tracking Database servers:
    ◦    MS SQL
    ◦    MySQL
    ◦    MS Access and PostgreSQL



Web Servers:
    ◦    MS IIS
    ◦    Apache




Web Applications Development

We are ready to develop the most wide range of services in the field of web apps development maintenance of web-projects, cloud apps development for Amazon and Google cloud and etc. In our web development experience  we invest a lot of innovative solutions based on the latest web-technologies and our experience gained. Tasks and specific of the project can be extensive:

  • advertising
  • the sale of goods or services
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • others.



We consult and make practical advices on architecture design, web design, UI experience, and SEO (search engine optimization) at all stages of web apps development . We will help you to make concept and choose the right type of web app for your business. Our company develop such web apps as:
• Big Data online services;
• Corporate web sites;
• Internet shops;
• SaaS and PaaS applications;
• Intranet systems;
• Cloud Applications for Amazon or Google
• Cloud Backup apps;
• Move your project to the Cloud;
• and so on.




In order to make a proposal in regards to the timing and costs we need to analyze all goals, after this we can offer you the most effective option for your business. Please contact us to find out more about our experience in web applications development. Our company managment, analytics, project architects, web designers, professional and talented web developers are always ready to help you to build the best web application in the electronic & IT world.