Game Development

Fascinating and dynamic game for the personal computer or the mobile device is capable to bring incredibly big traffic that will raise profit of the company thanks to what you will be able to please the devoted clients with new and more modern games for carrying out leisure.


Creating the game is well worth to consider what it is. Determine the purpose of the game, its potential audience, as well as the scale that you want to reach, we can develop an interesting game. You may have already matured original idea, then hurry up and tell us about it. After listening to your proposal, our game designers smogut paint your ideas on paper and programmers will paint the structure of the game. Of course, the common man, such a scheme would allow little to understand, but for us, as professionals, such drawings is a work plan. In our arsenal is not small exclusive offers, so started the game can safely be popular and in demand.



How there takes place process creation of game in a web of Rebit studio? Drawing up theory of game Creation of structure: a platform choice for game, its maximum functionality, high-quality and convenient work of moving elements)

  • Development of unique and bright design with use of the latest animation elements
  • Optimization of game for Android, iPhone, IOS
  • Delivery of the ready project
  • Providing technical support 24/7


Usually located on the game sites. Develop a quality site with a specific set of services and goods, entertainment portal, online promotional resource, you can place a game that will serve as a key to attracting audiences. Custom website development services Odessa and the development of games will help your business to look outside the box, to motivate a large number of potential customers and ranked at the top positions. Just imagine how many visitors your site will want to tell your friends about your original site. In addition to interesting and useful content on the Internet resource, the audience will be able to enjoying the game.


The cost of services in creation of games in a web of Rebit studio guarantees success of the project and its great demand. Cause a stir from the competitors and offer public a product, not similar to others, – tremendous game.


Prospects. The market of mobile games is experiencing a huge rise, since it opens up new opportunities and prospects for their creators. The audience of mobile game is growing fast with the increasing number of people who purchase mobile devices. These circumstances create unique conditions for the development of advertising and PR-technologies.

Partnership. Those who have realized this recently, as well as those who are in this business for a long time, know how it is important to find a reliable partner in game development. URA Garage Games has a number of advantages here, as a company that provides outsourcing services in the field of design and development of games for mobile devices and not only.

What we do. Our professionals have experience in developing multi-platform applications and games and it helps to develop the business of the customer. The quality of work is the key to brand development and to improving the speed of the relationship between the customer and its target audience. Any components of game development, such as game design and interface, 2D and 3D art, the programming code will be implemented efficiently and in accordance with the requirements ordere.

Safety. We emphasize on the trust between us and our customers, as we understand the importance of data integrity and uniqueness of the project in a highly competitive in a rapidly growing marketof game apps. Therefore URA Garage Games is always looking forward and offers our partners to join us in it!