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Re-Bit - Web site promotion, SEO, Internet Marketing, SMM, PPC, etc. Site optimizing, revision and submitting it to all search engines is an main important e-marketing function. Re-Bit truly understand how it works, how right to do it properly.


Success of our customer's services and business is our main goal and we do our best to assist our clients with their marketing issues. Most powerful marketing tools that increase average order cost can be used in any start up, company, project and online store. All kinds of special offers and discounts help you create positive buzz and increase your income. Our long experience will help you organize your business and automate marketing to increase profits and achieve the best results.


In today's competitive very important, in order to promote a site, startup, e-commerce in the top search engine will not only have to spend a lot of time and many money. Employees of the company has necessarily apply in-depth knowledge and understanding of the principles of operation of these systems.


Internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral part of web development, everyday the number of sites is constantly increasing, starting from simple, made by students, up to sites of large International corporations. So when any user is searching for some information about products or services, they are browsing first five pages of search  engine, not more, but mostly less. Search engines incorporate sophisticated algorithms to determine if a website is trying to influence their search indices and we make sure that our practices are ethical and natural, while being robust.



First we do:

  • Benefits from mobile SEO as compared to dynamic content serving or mobile URLs
  • Prevents duplicate content penalties
  • Decreases your website bounce rate
  • Performs better in search results
  • Consolidated Google Analytics with easily configurable reports


That will get our clients:

  • Online access to positions 24 hours
  • daily analytical reports
  • mobile application to view the items in Google
  • Online viewing of your spending


Our SEO team will keep you updated about the SEO campaign providing you with reviews and reports including the following:

  • Campaign Details and Keywords
  • Ranking Report
  • Directory Submissions Report
  • On Page Optimization Report
  • Social Bookmarking Report
  • Article Submissions Report
  • One Way Links Report
  • SEO Audit Report


Optimizing on-page factors important for site rankings in search engines:

  • Keywords saturated Meta description
  • Original and keywords saturated Meta titles
  • Page size and load time optimization
  • H1/H2 tags
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • Content improvements or suggestions in accordance with the keyword analysis
  • Search engine spider friendly navigation and site maps (XML and HTML)
  • Canonical issue fixing
  • SEO friendly alt attributes for images
  • Registering the site with Google’s Webmaster Tools, submitting and managing site maps in the Webmaster Central
  • Inner pages interlinking using keywords saturated anchor texts
  • Review and fixing broken links
  • Google analytics integration
  • Robot.txt


Important tools in promoting. Off-Page SEO (Link building and Social Marketing).

  • Link popularity development program is a long-term strategy to obtain non-paid link partnership from relevant websites. Link popularity is fast becoming one of the highest weighed criteria used in ranking websites in the search engines.
  • Article writing, spinning and submission;
  • Articles with dofollow back links at Hubpages and Squidoo;
  • Social bookmarking;
  • Directory submission;
  • Blog commenting;
  • Press release submission;
  • Forum posting;
  • Promotion with Answers Yahoo;
  • Creating your business page and/or groups in Facebook;
  • Twitting about your site and business and re-twitting your important twits at Twitter.com.


Here are some of the things we typically always do:

  • Benchmark all page ranks
  • Cross link client owned domains
  • Research and analyse key phrases
  • Create and implement different links campaigns
  • Review as much as possible competitor sites
  • XML site maps.
  • Analyse and redevelop site architecture
  • Add robot files to assist easier spidering
  • Cross link internal pages
  • Develop meta tags
  • Add on each page optimization
  • Create and implements online PR campaigns.


What time & How much does it cost?

Terms of promoting your project in top positions in search systems depends on the level of your site, domain and competition your chosen keywords. If low-frequency words - it is from two to three months period. If the competition higher - from three to five months. Usually final price can be provided after detailed study and verification of your site and determination of objectives and all key words. Each case is individual. For some queries and objects, it’s enough to optimize the site itself (internal optimization), for others it's necessary to buy expensive links options.

If anyone freelance, company's, studios and etc tells you the price immediately, to get your project to the TOP, without making any analytics and verification of your site, be careful, you applied to the amateur in search engine optimization.  Our experience in additionally optimizing means knowing all search engine algorithms, how to write effective texts, deep inner work with the site, the prescription of Meta tags and all other titles, and many more. All these tools is one of the most important stages of any web site development.

While developing the web site, we make conditions for its further rating increase, and therefore increase the site visiting. Its major factors are:

  • Clear structure of the program layout, taking into account individual factors of your direction
  • Orderly structured program part
  • Correctly selected & realized hyperlinks on the site
  • Program map of the site, developed based on peculiarities of  Google technologies work
  • Module for promotion
  • Unique text with copyright protection
  • Individual links with ratings blogs and thematic projects in manual mode
  • etc...


If you're serious about popularity your site, getting top position and retaining high rankings you need to think through and create a complete strategy; and then follow up regularly. Quality and successful SEO is a time consuming business and long learning curve.


Search engine optimization

With our company also can help to find effective keywords for the on-page content and Meta tags of our clients’ websites. The site should not only be created and "exist" in the Internet. It must work efficiently, live, grow, be attended and carry out the assigned tasks. Our company offers services for on-page and off-page search engine optimization and marketing.


How does we work?

  • Coordinate "key requests" and purposes of promotion;   
  • Create work plan to promote the site and recommendations for changing the site;           
  • Analyze your site and competitors' sites;     
  • Fix the budget;         
  • Set deadlines and work plan;       
  • Conclude the contract to provide services for search engine optimization;

Our approach

Our company has been working in this field since 2011. During this time, we have made hundreds of advertising campaigns for various online projects. We use only advanced advertising management technologies. We collect application statistics and conversions on a regular basis, monitor advertising efficiency, carefully analyze all settings, plan campaigns by hours and weekdays, control all the expenses, accurately set up geo-targeting, use approved advertising budget in the optimal way. Any advertising campaign aims to increase sales, target traffic, the number of registrations on the website and product offering downloads.


Website promotion

Business development in the Internet - a serious and responsible process requiring diligent and painstaking work on the site (development, content context, attracting new visitors, etc.). All this is part of SEO promotion.

SEO promotion - a set of measures, which allows you to view the company's website on the first position in different search engines.

SEO promotion studio "Rebit"

Design studio "Rebit" knows how to make your company recognizable, and the site popular and visited. To do this, she will perform the following steps:

1. Carry out a selection of keywords that can attract maximum number of targeted customers.
2. draw up an action strategy, taking into account the specifics of the industry the company and its competitors.
3. Optimize online resource for the major search engines.
4. Make the unique texts for site content.
5. advertise in social networks.
6. insert contextual advertising.
7. It will create the correct HTML code pages and relink.

By working with various clients, we offer them our work the following conditions:

• Timing. We perform tasks in real time.
• pricing principle allows the customer to change the price of internet marketing.
• Work on the result. We are not willing to waste their and your time is wasted.
• We provide technical support for 24/7 hours.
• After the work done are holding top positions in the search engine.

With our team of professionals, you no longer need to worry about the future of their company. We will make your site is quality resource, actively attract potential customers. We will analyze your direct competitors, and after verification and execution of works will make you even better and more successful than them.