E-commerce solutions

E-commerce is a site intended for sale of products chosen from a catalogue. Web stores can be both specialized and universal. As an experienced provider of eCommerce outsourcing solutions, Re-Bit is uniquely positioned to offer you the best solutions for starting an online store, or improving your existing application.

The aims of creating a webstore:

  •     Publication of information about the company;
  •     Publication of information about the products;
  •     Selling products through the site: placing order, choosing mode of delivery and way of payment, order tracking;
  •     Advertisement of products and services.

Advantages of a webstore:

  •     A store in the Internet works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without breaks and days off.Your products will be available even at 01.00 am on the first of January. 
  •     With proper search promotion, context or media advertising, as well as with integration with products search systems, a webstore makes it possible to focus on the required public and obtain immense effect.
  •     Your store is not tied to a particular premise (in practice, you often need only a warehouse).
  •     Any quantity of items can be demonstrated in a webstore.
  •     A webstore is available from any geographic point of your city, country and the whole planet: you don’t need to restrict your proposal by the area within walking distance.
  •     Personnel expenses are essentially lower than in a usual store.
  •     You can show all the products "in one window", and also give the chance to search products by specific parameters.
  •     Due to the fact that not the product itself is displayed, but the data about it and its pictures, it is possible to display even those items that are only expected to arrive at the warehouse at the moment.
  •     A webstore enables flexible price estimation, e.g., introduction of seasonal ratios.

eCommerce is a set of technologies and services that provide the opportunity to present the goods and services on the Internet, take orders, invoices, receive payments and transfer money to counterparties on the Internet. We are proud to offer full-cycle eCommerce web application development, comprising of the following six stages:

  • Requirements analysis, project structuring
  • Design.   
  • Development.
  • Deployment.
  • Operation.
  • Project regular maintenance.    

Main Categories of eCommerce Web Design
    •    Online Stores allo.
          Online a catalog of products and services, manage sales;
    •    Internet payment systems.
          Online money services that allow performing settlements online.

We also develop various backup eCommerce services:

    •    Billing Services
    •    Merchant Services
    •    Currency Exchange Service

The Main Advantages of eCommerce
    •    maximum reduction in costs based on demand-supply balance;
    •    Enormous opportunities to enter directly into the world market with the information about the products and services with minimal capital investment;
    •    opportunity to review the scope of business activity at any time.
    •    creating new markets of labor and capital;
    •    distribution channels become enormously extended with the rapid growth of Internet users all over the world;
    •    likelihood of a high level customer service expansion;
    •    suppliers and customers identification into a single system;

Here are 3 key ways that we can assist you. Re-Bit can help you if you need:
    •    an eCommerce website up and running in just 1-2 weeks;
    •    a highly customized eCommerce store with unique features;
    •    help transforming or modifying your existing eCommerce solution.

Our long experience will help you organize your business and automate e-commerce to increase profits and achieve the best results.