Web development sale

The Re-Bit company offers to sell website templates, web development, web systems, CRM systems and their installation, translation and adaptation under the direction of your requirements and wishes. We provide complex decisions in the sphere of mobile applications, web sites and web applications.


We successfully are engaged in sale of templates and development for the sites since 2011. Currently we offer more than 5 thousand professional development.  Making a request or order necessary to you, we will easily provide you a template, the most suitable under your needs.  Prices for website templates and related materials in our store, and lower than the average individual, due to long-standing partnership with various web startups and projects.

  • The main types of systems, web applications, sites, templates, online stores for sale
  • Control systems of restaurant, cafe, banquet hall, menu, sales, delivery services
  • Ready-made solutions for different areas of online stores. Appliances, gadgets, clothes, underwear, non-standard product groups, etc
  • Different filter for online stores
  • Different systems of sortings for online stores
  • Personnel management systems
  • Reporting system for different groups of customers and contractors
  • Software development of various complexity



In addition you can always order extra varied range of related services, allows us to give the template a unique and inimitable style. For implementation of the application under individual processes, we provide various modules and additions with a set of the main functions for any startup or business system:

  • Division of the detailed tuning of the system and interface of the system.
  • Analytical reports on the project
  • Creation of unlimited number of users with hierarchical differentiation of the rights.
  • History of actions of users is in the system.
  • Statistics section with visual graphs.
  • Multilingualism 
  • Adaptivity
  • Send emails to customers with the ability to unsubscribe.
  • Mailing SMS API
  • API Youtube
  • API Google maps
  • API online electronic payments
  • API systems deliveries
  • Separate accounting of businesses and individuals.
  • Powerful set of filters for selection of data.
  • Powerful set for sorting
  • Unloading forms in format MS Excel, Word.
  • Formation of PDF of documents.
  • And many other things …



We are sure that Re-Bit will allow to reflect qualitatively your personal interests, startup, direction, unique design and business idea