Preparation of work specification

Before starting development of any project, careful attention should be paid to such an item as preparation of work specification. Our company can undertake this part of work. To have good business relationships with the customer during the site development, every step should be described, as well as their sequencing. A properly prepared work specification will secure and guarantee timely and qualitative execution of all works during the site development.


The work specification comprises business requirements, functional requirements and structure description. Period of work execution, technologies to be used, main program modules, hosting and other details to pay attention to are also specified in it. Only when the customer and the executor in the person of the web studio get clear replies, than one may proceed to the site development. Communication between the customer and the executor is the main success factor during the work specification preparation.


When preparing the work specification, we use graphic materials as much as practical to present the information to the customer visually, but at the same time briefly. One page with schematic image can replace several text pages. We also give clear description of every element in the work specification. Experience in development is of great importance, and ours amounts to more than 10 years of successful implementation of Internet projects of various topics and complexity of performance.


By ordering work specification preparation in our company, you can be sure in the quality of execution which simplifies work for developers and save you from all sorts of force majeure situations during the site development.