Logo & identity design

Re-Bit studio can offer you eye-catching graphic design solutions, that will not leave you indifferent. We professional skillfully use graphic, colors and emotions to create direct association with your products or/and services. It’s highly recommended for any serious business to invest into professional design. Whether it be a start up, product launch, an advertising campaign, logo design, branding, design cafe, branding restauraunt or  even more, our in-house developers know how to make it work successfully.

You can outsource your graphic design needs to our talented and experienced artists who can create bespoke artworks for any purpose. Use our outsource graphic design services and get consistent and feature-rich projects at the output. Development of corporate style is what we are good at. We have over 5-year experience in their creation in various spheres of activity.

All this distinguishes and individualizes our customers in the market. Because when getting to know a company prospective customers pay attention to the company’s corporate culture, execution of documents, promotional prints, etc. And high level of execution of all of these elements leaves only positive impression of your company, which is our goal at development of the corporate style.

Re-Bit always carries out professional development and creation of logos, as well as restyling of already existing ones. A logo is one of the major elements of corporate style and is considered to be an essential part of any company and brand. It is logo that is paid attention to at first acquaintance with a company and thanks to this logo the company is recognized hereafter.  Development of a good stylish, fashion, modern and recognizable logo is one of the most important steps in development and promotion of your business.

Our designers use complex approach to creation of this most important element of the corporate style of your project. We carry out information collection and analyses of the company and its competitive environment, study its politics, area of business, prospects of the company development to create the best logo. And this logo will be associated with your company for many years. Before approval of the final version, we offer variants of logos to our customers.

The term “identity/branding” can be heard more and more often. But we are familiar with this notion. identity is a visual image of a brand, corporate identification. This notion combines all the elements of the corporate style, starting from the logo and finishing with the principles of composition of the brand image carriers. That is to say, identity combines all the graphic elements that form the outer shell of the brand and is designed to distinguish a company, service or product among similar proposals of competitors.  It also shapes the image for partners and consumers. This image forms positive idea about the brand, favorably influences the company image, which in turn leads to growth of loyalty and popularity of your brand not only among buyers, but also among investors.

We do several basic components of identity, namely:

  • logo, which is the core of identity
  • visual shell, including graphic elements, color scheme, fonts, advertisement modules, promotion merchandise, etc.
  • company brand book
  • guidelines on work with the developed corporate style.
  • branding
  • start up identity
  • graphic design
  • outdoor advertising design
  • viral advertising

Properly selected identity will be an excellent, and most importantly, effective method in competition with your business rivals.