Context advertisement (Google Adwords)

Context advertisement is a versatile online marketing tool that allows you to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time. This type of advertising takes into account the needs and interests of each individual, and therefore is perceived as a valuable help or useful information, not as annoying advertising.

Unique Google context advertisement technologies allow displaying advertising only to concerned users who are ready to become your customers. Context advertisement has already become indispensable for any website. Such approach quickly leads the target audience to your website what increases your sales.


Increase sales

If you want to increase sales, Google Adwords context advertisement is exactly what you need! Entrust our specialists with Google Adwords context advertising management and focus on your business development.

Why entrepreneurs, startups, companies choose contextual advertising:

  • Quick start. From 3 to 7 days, all depends on the campaign complexity
  • Paying for results. You pay only if a user visits your site
  • Work with your target audience. Only concerned users - your potential customers - see your ad. You can specify a city, time, keywords
  • Transparent sum. The budget is calculated before we start working
  • Flexibility. All settings, text ads, cash flows can be changed at any time. In addition, displaying of your ad can be temporarily suspended
  • Control. Google ad performance statistics are updated several times a week
  • Instant results

Context advertisement allows attracting your target audience very quickly, as well as responding to seasonal offers and promotions. In contrast to long-term promoting that gives result after at least 3 months, context advertisement works immediately, bringing potential customers to the website on the first day.

That will get our clients:

  • We analyze your business and offer solutions based on your capabilities
  • Set up an advertising campaign
  • Select keywords and semantic kernel
  • Optimize the cost-per-clicks
  • create selling ads
  • test the ads
  • analyze the advertising campaign and improve it
  • make monthly reports

Our team also offer good quality contextual advertising by Google. This type of advertising paid. Using this tool your site will appear one of the first in Google pages search result. The most important thing the point is that you pay only for transition of potential customer to your web site/project/startup.  We set up an advertising campaign fund your account make some requests in search engine and you will see on what page is yours site. If you would like your site to be located on first pages, you have to optimize it and great effort.