Unless you absolutely incomprehensible twice read to you the word, it means that the very fate has led you to this page, for now we are going to talking about this incomprehensible to many, but paramount to a successful business concept. The company's designers Re-Bit - are not just a crazy creative creator this primarily marketers on intuitive and productive level. Each of them, taking the project into operation, detailed analysis of audience specificity, competitiveness and market needs and then creates a unique, characteristic only of your project perfect style branding. Brand - is more than just a logo. This promise, the basic idea of ​​the reputation and expectations, which are formed in minds of people about a product or company. Collaboration, you as a customer and our company, we can create a recognizable and popular product.





For creating a new brand, startup - identity, it is the main element of recognition and memorability. Every company has its own "flavor" that distinguishes it from a million others in characteristic features. Specificity, exclusivity, uniqueness, shape, color - all of this identity, which eventually turn into association and brand components. Rebit Web Studio develops all parts of corporate identity in the first place to starts is with a quality name, and then go to the most complex and interesting - logo design. Corporate identity consists of a set of methods and properties that provide a unified image of the company and its products. It is an effective tool to save you money for promotion, due to the qualitative recognition and memorability, including advertising and additional reservation funds. Identity allows you select, compare and contrast products, services firms in a competitive environment.





Actually, with fruits of designer’s works within the concept "identity", each of us meet daily, in any case – every minute. For example, the bitten apple on the cover of your phone or laptop, signs and boards with bright red and yellow color, characteristic recognizable sound when you open a bottle of beer. The majority of us will be unmistakably defined that in the first case we spoke about the Apple company, in the second about McDonald’s, and in the third about Tuborg. So it mass recognition of each of these companies to small elements of their corporate identity and have well-designed Identity. The main thing in it is pithiness. Your logo or brand pattern must be original, memorable and easy to grasp. In case of a successful deal, this element for a long time remains in memory and selects you from a row of competitors.





Company Rebit conducts the necessary research and market analysis, design and positioning of the brand strategy, name and offer other kinds of copyright, marketers and designers develop a common perception of product by color, text, images, documentation, packaging and supply channels, it will create a logo and building system of identity. A strong message, a bright visual image and original design are crucial for the formation of a stable brand personality. Creating a corporate identity is a highly individual process. It consists of separate components, a complete list of which looks quite impressive.

  • Brand positioning
  • Logo and corporate style
  • Conceptual design of packing
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Communication strategy
  • Passports standards
  • The brand platform





Designers in our studio are not simply mad creative creators, they are in the first of all  marketing specialists at the intuitive level. Each of them, taking the order in operation, in details analyze specifics of your project, competitiveness and needs of the market that creates perfect style unique, inherent only in your project. It will make your project recognizable and popular. Our portfolio, experience of creating and maintaining brand ensures that your investment will not be spent. With our extensive knowledge in branding you get a number of marketing tools that highlight your brand from the competition.