Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking - change / increase / hacking demand growth (on the offer a product, service, etc.).
For your business our team has to make an advertizing campaign of the most productive and economically effective for receiving success in the market.  Modern style and going near untwisting and marketing of new directions, business-suggestions, startups. In this approach from classical marketing as that, a little that remained. The main purpose of advertising is to develop and implement strategies that will help your business and website achieve high position in the social. networks, search engines and other media. But in Re-Bit, we also provide services in carrying out complete quality check of your project, the analysis of relevance, availability, popularity, etc. It gives to your company advantage before competitors.


Growth hacking - it is an opportunity for the rapid development of business and increase sales. A technique of development and height of company is base on testing, analysis and acceptance of positive decisions the professionals of our studio. The main task of new service – "to blow up" growth of number of visitors. Growth hacking tool can be any web project, from the creation of websites, applications for mobile phones, tablets, and to develop games - all this will allow the new product startup to enter the peak traffic and popularity.  In general — it is game on the modern user, technologies, analytics and media content, than marketing receptions.



Basic directions:
- writing of the description (parts) of a product or responses of leaders of opinions in the different social. layers, social. networks/forums/blogs / news and thematic resources
- promotional product using video / gamification / Doodle videos, etc.
- promotion via torrent system file hosting / banks / exchangers, where the material is available for free download, trial, evaluation of the product and others
- affiliate programs, dual products "parasitism" of service by means of another
- integration into already popular service / product on the basis of addition
- promotion through web services / app'y that link to each other
- promo, promotion of familiarization with the help of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and combinations, combinations, combination



Basic rules:
- Keeping important attraction
- Growth hackers don't take anything on trust and work making a start from bases of your project
- Personal experience is more important reliable sources
- You can never change the human psychology and hack
- Disconnect genius, today a difficult product — this is the suicide
- There is only one metrics which matters
- Metrics will not tell you what to do
- Growth — it not super science
- Language - the head of everything. Projects start-ups displayed by the design, but it is difficult to assess the impact of the design without language on consumer perception. Play with words - do they sell, expressive, make them work for you.
- Correlation - is good, but a causal relationship better
- The main thing - it's your product
- Start by creating a local growth hacking team



Web Studio "Rebit" is ready to offer service growth hacking, for the successful outcome of your business and determine the required vector of development of the project. Users are ready to spare time, try services, that occupy little time, require the small amount of actions, and contain the least of unique features. Each product can become unique and profitable, it is important to open and show it to the potential consumer in convenient time and in the correct place / device.