Ads Facebook

Facebook is a online tsunami, which most of the adults and teenage population have some type of affiliation with whether it be a online personal account or page, or a business page or a per-existing online budget. Allow us to work with you and show you how to utilize your current contact base, and specific markets within your industry niche to build a successful online Facebook marketing page for you.


Many people claim they know the inns and outs of Facebook, and some can build great looking sites, but campaign targeting is a trained and effective skill which a lot of everyday non-professionals do not have. Work with Digital Skyline Studio to drive traffic for you, help build a loyal following and even acquire sales through Facebook.


Why company choose a Facebook Page:

  • Great Looking Design: we will build you a Facebook page which is unique and professional.
  • Maps: Show customers exactly where you are located and how to find you
  • Gain Likes: Generate fans, likes and overall positive feedback by linking your Facebook page and your website.
  • Coupons and Discounts: Reward your fans and followers by offering them exclusive deals and right on your Facebook page.
  • Image Gallery: Upload images about your business, products, services or overall image to show customers who you are.
  • Get Page Stats: Improve your page, gets stats, see that’s following you, how you’re doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Contact: Place all your contact information and details right on the home page with a contact form.
  • Video: Upload a video and inspire people with the way you do business, build a familiarity with people to show them your company and you.


A New Advertising Avenue
Facebook has eliminated the thoughts of traditional advertising and has created a median which is now one of the most if not these most dominant and consumer influential marketplaces in the world. The brilliant approach of Facebook advertising can help one grow your small business, corporation or even your blog within days. Facebook offers a unique criteria for each add, and gives you the control to set budgets, include specific categories, or reach out to specific groups. Digital Skyline Studio has been doing Facebook Advertising for our clients for quite sometime and offer you a no hassle, results oriented package.