Web Design/ UI Design

Re-Bit guarantees a highly professional approach towards building unique, stylish and functional websites for a successful web presence or digital commerce reflecting the essence of the particular business or service to the online public. Clients from more than 20 countries have chosen Re-Bit as their outsourcing partner for web design and development needs.



Our web design team is one of the largest companies of such kind based in Eastern Europe which competence covers all aspects of the modern website design process. Re-Bit’s US office allowed us to expand our reach to American customers. Re-Bit offers services in development of sites design. We can offer you a unique variant that includes the corporate style and logo of your company.



Qualitative design primarily influences the efficiency and ergonomics of the site. Because the more visitors appreciate the advantages of your site embodied in the design of home and interior pages, the more potential customers your site can attract. A well-designed site means much more than just the pages describing your services or business. It represents your company’s face, image and your attitude to your potential customers. And a visually appealing website is more likely to attract interest of your visitors, than a poorly developed one.




Re-Bit can offer you:

  • Web site design
  • Website redesign
  • App design
  • Landing page design
  • E-commerce/webstore design
  • Mobile design services
  • Web application design
  • Free hand sketch designing
  • Flash/Flex and Graphic Design
  • Email template designs




That will help you achieve both online and offline goals. At website creation a design must be special for every company, that is why you won’t find repetitive sites in our portfolio. It does not matter if you want a simple site or a serious corporate project, you can be sure that it will be unique, developed with due consideration of your requirements and recommendations. In the process of development, the designers take into account the specific character of your company and the targeted public of the future site, and they adhere to all the usability rules.




Re-Bit studio is ready to offer design of mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone. We have a vast and successful experience in mobile applications development. Many companies want to have a mobile application in addition to the site, and that makes sense. In the modern world of developed mobile technologies everyone has a mobile device enabling to keep an eye on what is going on in the Internet from any place and at any time. Design of a mobile application is not just designer’s work consisting of creating of a high quality picture. Here we take into account user-friendly links between the screens (pages) of the application, logic and convenient navigation.




Since the volumes of mobile devices sales are rising day by day, one may easily talk about acute need in development of interfaces for mobile devices. During design development we take into account all the requirements that it must satisfy. We are a team of professionals having vast experience in the sphere of mobile applications development. We know what requirements a design must satisfy and know how to implement it. There are no challenges and ideas that are impossible to implement!




UX/UI Design

UX/UI designers create the interface logic and structure on the basis of the strategy and technical specification. We choose the visual style together with you and develop the look & feel of the app according to the UX concept. All the screens and screen elements are designed in harmony with the usability principles and the main goal of the app. After your business objectives and user needs are clarified, we start with black and white mobile app wireframes to get the basic structure and flow of the app.



In tight collaboration with your team, we construct a UX design prototype for your future iPhone or Android application and conduct usability tests. We always want to make sure that the app is intuitive and clear for your future users. Once the UI is finalized our talented designers will work on various creative ideas of graphic design for your app to find its unique look and feel. After establishing our graphic design direction, we will finalize the art for the entire project.



You can outsource your graphic design needs to our talented and experienced artists who can create bespoke artworks for any purpose. We can improve your current website design with custom drawings, graphics, icons, vector art and clipart or create any kind of illustration for your business purposes such as packaging design, advertising, branding, printing design etc.With a right marketing strategy and an effectively designed, developed and optimized website you have better chances to attract more customers and boost your sales as well as brand awareness through online presence.