Game design

On the projects, we apply our vast knowledge of technologies. Re-Bit not only have extensive desktop game development experience with Flex and HTML5, our company has also built successful game apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, using native and cross-platform engines Corona, Cocos 2d-x, Unity.

Re-Bit works on mobile and PC games designed to build connection between application and player. Approach of our game design is based on the full involvement of the players into the game and assigning to them simple meta-goals for which they will return to the game again and again. The gameplay, the world, the story, the characters, goals, game modes and all the other details are created by game designers to bring unique game-product to the player, which will absorb it into the maelstrom of events and competitions with other players.

Game Designers in Re-Bit Studio have a the deepest understanding of all aspects of developing on different hardware (mobile device, console or PC, etc.). That is why our focus to do more games and generate more ideas for different kinds of games and platforms. It is very important for us to check the quality of our work on each stage. Game Designers of ReBit Studio control the whole process of creation. During development, the Game Designer does a different changes to make a game be more in line with the stated performance specifications and bring all this adjustments to the team. Our designers train QA Testers to play games we create. It allows designers be assured that they will get a really high-quality product after release that can compete in the global market.

So, here are presented the most important moments our game designers responsible for:

  • Work in collaboration with professional team because the point of  view of each team-member is important.
  • Have understanding of developing on different hardware platforms and game development technologies
  • Control the whole development process from the start to release
  • Be imaginative and in love with work
  • Present your ideas in different ways
  • Analyze customers feedback
  • Prove the vision to development team, 2D and 3D artists, head staff or other members in team on each stage of process
  • Have deep understanding of gameplay theory
  • Have skills in creative of UI and think strategically


Our quality assurance and test automation team helps maintain a high level of programming efficiency and increase the final product quality.

Today, games occupy a large part of the free hanging of our population. And if before you could say "chopped" in the game was stupid and for many it is not clear if this trend may now safely be interested in even the biggest fans of literature.
Design studio "Rebit" offers a service design games. Of course, first we develop the game on his own idea or ideas that we offer our customers. We take most of the information visually, so the colors, brightness and interesting images play a crucial role. Beautiful and unique game design is able to attract a mass audience.

Game designer - this is the name of a man who creates an exclusive and original design for the game. Game designers studio "Rebit" have already developed a stunning design solutions for gaming. Embodying the idea into reality, it is important to understand what the platform is designed for the game. It does not matter for your PC or mobile device, the game should be of high quality, not only in its structure and functionality, but also in appearance.
How does the process work game designers to create a game design studio "Rebit"?

1. receipt of the application for the design
2. The creation of game theory
3. presentation of his vision of game artists, programmers, marketers
4. "writing" of the structure of the game to match it with his own design
5. incarnations graphic design, 3D or animated elements to the game

To spend your budget wisely, we propose to combine Services Web Odessa with the design for the game. Why do not differ from its competitors and create a website by logging on to that, the audience can enjoy an exciting game. Game designers web studio "Rebit" to develop a modern game that would fit into the overall concept of Internet resources. Especially, the game is a great way to attract and retain the potential audience for entertainment resource.

We offer a high-quality and stylish design for games of varying difficulty. Job design studio "Rebit" differs extraordinary imagination, individual approach to each customer, the epitome of unique and bold ideas in design games that are loved by millions. The cost of developing the design for the game depends on the terms of reference, but we can assure you that the prices in our studio will surprise everyone.