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We provide reliable and scalable custom-tailored Web solutions for business and life. At your service will be experienced senior developers with solid skills in Cloud engineering, Security and compliance, strong SEO knowledge, work with different types of DataBases etc…

Customers coming our way outsource different kinds of web applications to us including the following:

  • News feed web applications
  • Content management systems
  • Enterprise resource planning systems
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Custom business and ecommerce applications;
  • Gaming applications.
  • Web portals based on their own engines as well as on third-party solutions
  • Mobile web applications and web sites
  • E-commerce solutions

HTML5 Development

There are an ever increasing number of devices that enhance the ease of use and accessibility to internet. This has brought to surface the need for applications that functional well in cross platforms. HTML5 has definitely ushered in a technological enhancement as far as doling out applications for web and the mobiles are concerned. It is this markup language that offers wonderful support to the various multimedia features like video, audio, animation, graphics and various other special effects.

ReBit is a web development and a mobile application development company that comes up with ingenious cross platform apps which enhance the experience of the target audience. The kind of strength that we have garnered over the years has empowered us to deliver unparalleled HTML5 development services to our global clientele.

  • Our professionals have a lot of experience as they have catered to diverse industry verticals.

  • They can come up with applications and websites that are feature rich and are compatible on cross platforms.

  • We offer punctual and affordable services through our talented coterie of HTML5 developers.

  • Our professionals will have complete control over the entire project management.

Java Development

Considered as a top choice by majority of the ecommerce developers, Java development is the most preferred option for the kind of robust solutions it brings for both the server side and client side. This platform offers object oriented computing with the help of automatic memory management that gives the user a secure as well as robust experience. Professionals at ReBit agency add a touch of their proficiency to the efficacy with which the Java development platform is available in.

Java is particularly popular for the application component reuse. This specific aspect will cut down the costs heavily along with the time it takes in development. Through such kind of advantages, majority of the businesses will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity and thereby quick ROI.

  • Our professionals are fully aware of the latest Java development services and are capable of delivering relevant software that make use of the various services which come along with the J2EE framework.

  • Our Java developers also have a lot of prowess in various design patterns of J2EE and JMS, web services, J2EE design and app development and also B2B integration.

  • Our services delivered by our efficient professionals will definitely help you achieve greater productivity and also greater ROI.

Open source Customization

Who wouldn’t second the idea that one needs to have a creative and innovative edge to stay ahead in this competition driven world? Of course, everyone would. That calls for having a solid presence in the internet marketplace and working towards enhancing one’s visibility on the World Wide Web. Reaching one’s target audience and also making a greater impact is very much possible when the requirements of a business are customized, when the technical advancements are used to one’s business advantage and this is nothing but open source customization. Here too, there are a whole lot of platforms that offer the business owners wide choice to choose from.

At ReBit studio, we have made Open Source Customization our priority, forte and our specialization. Through our open source solutions, you can implement the modifications in your website with great finesse and even in less time.

  • Our professional open source developers can understand your specific business requirements and deliver as per your needs.

  • Our professionals can offer a complete solution to your online business enterprise.

  • The team at Elsner Technologies is proficient and efficient in the arena of open source customization.

Hire php programmer

If you are looking to bring about an enhancement in the efficiency of your business, then you must definitely make use of our PHP programmer services. You can hire a PHP programmer at affordable pricing and see that your business is growing the way you have wanted it without you having to spend more on the same. You can also reduce your overheads when you hire our programmers on an hourly basis or on a part time or full time basis.

When you hire PHP programmer from Re-Bit company you can be rest assured that they will be able to provide you with dynamic, outstanding as well as custom applications and deliver quality web solutions that are highly scalable too. Such a powerful combination is bound to bring in only more productivity in any business. Our professionals are eloquent in CakePHP, Core PHP and many other PHP frameworks in order to offer the right kind of web solutions for a varied range of businesses. Hire our dedicated services and you can find result oriented solutions that will optimize your business revenue in all aspects.

  • Our programmers possess a perfect understanding of the various PHP frameworks.

  • You can get accessibility to a diverse range of PHP resources coupled with varied skills.

  • There are no startup or maintenance costs for all the projects we undertake.

  • Great flexibility in hiring the programmers and communication is easy through chats, emails or Skype.

PHP Zend Development

If you wish to give your business a quick boost and a boost that would last for long, then you have to opt for the PHP Zend development. Reckoned as an effective and efficient solutions provider in PHP Zend development platform, ReBit team has driven technology in such a direction that it reaped huge profits for the business owners on the World Wide Web. The platform is powered in with a whole lot of plug-ins, auto fill tools, in built library all of which contribute towards building creative, responsive and highly interactive websites.

With a lot of prowess in application development, integration and customization, web services, app maintenance and deployment, social network application development as well as customized Zend web application development, ReBit has been able to carve a niche for itself in the segment.

  • Our PHP Zend developers can deliver web applications that are customer centric.

  • They are well versed in all the specialized SQL, CMS and many more to dole out relevant solutions.

  • Exposure to OOP technology, PHP5 and Zend is our added advantage.

  • We offer flexi project management schedules and deployment too.

  • Have garnered a lot of support from our global clientele for the exceptional software development solutions designed for them.

PHP Application Development

ReBit company has carved a niche for itself in the segment of providing PHP development services. The company has some of the best talents in the field in the form of PHP programmers who can deliver cutting edge solutions to the clients that hail from varied business verticals across the globe. Whether it is PHP application development, ecommerce development, shopping cart development or PHP website development or custom product development in PHP or programming and scripting in PHP, our developers can deliver only the best.

Our PHP development services are second to none and can give you a highly interactive website which will have a strong presence on the World Wide Web. This is the popular choice for majority of the businesses as having dynamic web pages is the need of the hour. We are adept at offering custom solutions to business enterprises of all magnitudes.

  • Our developers possess expertise in different versions of PHP and hence can deliver solutions accordingly.

  • Our developers are also aware of the latest changes that have made a foray into the PHP coding system and hence will deliver solutions accordingly.

  • Our professionals possess exhaustive domain expertise and also are well versed in all PHP technology skills.





PHP Mysql Development

Our PHP and MySQL development solutions will give you the best of web based systems that leverage the best of both the platforms. PHP is famous for its feature rich and fast scripting language that is available in open source. This is widely used in the development of intranet and internet application and other web applications too. MySQL is considered to be one good database server in open source which is based on RDBMS…relational database management system and has the ability to handle large database connections.

When the best of both worlds are combined together one can get a highly powerful and fully scalable intranet, internet and web application. In short, these two are commonly referred to as the best choice developmental tools. Their being open source in nature is the main advantage. The community for these platforms is large and there are volunteer programmers too who make regular contributions to the field and keep adding features.

Our experienced web developers at ReBit can dole out the best solutions for you in these two platforms put together. Unleash the power of our experts and let it work for your business’ advantage.

  • Amazing experience industry wide in the implementation of PHP MySQL projects that are complex.

  • Best services available at highly affordable prices.

  • Delivery of the projects in quick turnaround time.

  • A team of talented and experienced PHP programmers at the helm of affairs.





HTML Development

Online business is all about having the right website with the right platform. HTML development professionals at ReBit possess all the necessary fundamental knowledge about web development with the help of HTML. A popular name in the technological era, there are numerous companies that depend heavily on HTML so as to get scalable and robust solutions.

At ReBit team, our professionals very well know that HTML development does not call for expert coding. They are also familiar that it brings about a whole lot of functions like database support and multimedia support for quick processing. This platform offers them the perfect platform to bring about different technological innovations.

  • Our professionals can offer you quality services and that too in zero downtime.

  • The ultimate focus is solely on client satisfaction.

  • We offer competitive pricing an also deployment of the project on-time.

  • Our professionals can confidently network through different time zones.

  • Extremely quick incorporation of the feedback of our clients.

  • Focus on customized production too.





WordPress Development

An open source CMS, WordPress comes in with excellent features and offers the best experience to all those who has chosen the platform. Re-Bit developers are fully aware of all the intricate details related to WordPress programming and hence work towards offering effective WordPress development solutions.

We offer a gamut range of services as far as WordPress is concerned. Right from CMS development and integration in WordPress to website development and customization to blog development to website design services in WordPress, to theme design services to implementation and setup and WordPress data migration, we do it all with great aplomb.

  • When you hire our WordPress developers you can be assured of getting quality services at affordable prices.

  • We offer flexibility in working hours too and allow our clients to make the choice as far as hiring models are concerned.

  • Our WordPress developers can deploy successfully a comprehensive and exhaustive range of services to a diverse clientele that come with varied business requirements.

  • They possess technical expertise in WordPress framework and other areas like CSS, MVC, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and others in order to deliver apt solutions.




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