Dedicated development team

We have an in-house HR department which will help you to hire the best of breed iOS programmers or build a dedicated developer team. Re-Bit company has a great number of strong iPhone/iPad game developers and Objective-C programmers due to the best technical universities in Ukraine. Before you hire, web development, web application, iPhone application developers or iPad programmers you can personally interview them. With the highly competitive market proposing new sophisticated services nowadays a dedicated team service is attaining a very important role. Working solely on a selected project(s), a dedicated specialist is a professional to learn about the client's requirements and to meet them in the most efficient way.


Re-Bit development can be rather a time-consuming process. Thanks to Softwarium’s dedicated team model, notable for its transparent process, efficient solutions and effective communication, the risk for you to pay extra money is significantly reduced. Re-Bit’s dedicated team model was developed to provide a completely exclusive approach to your needs and maximum cost efficiency for your business. You can monitor progress via any communication media and online tracking tools and have complete control over the process. Softwarium’s dedicated team model is designed to create a framework that ensures successful long-term relationships with customers. undefined

Why Choose Us ?

  • A team of educated and experienced application developers.
  • A team with a passion for the industry, constantly learning and adopting new strategies and technologies for a consistently advanced service offering.
  • Innovation and creativity lead the way for developments that are above and beyond your expectations
  • The analysis of each client’s unique situation and future aims promises effective web applications that are custom built to fulfil the individual needs of your company.
  • Web application developments also consider the needs of the end user, so developments are efficient and easy to use, creating a process that appeals to all.
  • Flexible engagement contract

  • Skilled team members

  • Possibility to select team members,

  • Motivate and manage team players

  • Dedicated and Experienced team leaders

  • Efficient and consistent workflow

  • Adjusting the team schedule to complete tasks

  • Quick completion of projects within stipulated time

  • Dedicated communication channels

  • Fine project management

  • Regular status reports

Once you decide to build your personal Objective-C development team, our project managers will consult you on the size and level of the specialists to work on your project. In order to build a perfectly balanced team for large-scale projects it is reasonable to hire at least one senior iPhone app developer, several intermediate level programmers and a junior Objective-C programmer. Each team can also be complemented with a QA specialist, designer, as well as other IT and non-IT staff members of back-office support. Read about our integrated approach here.


Hire Dedicated Virtual IT Team. Expertise in the fields of:

  •  Photoshop
  •  XHTML
  •  CSS

from $300/Month


Hire Dedicated Developer. Expertise in the fields of:

  •  PHP
  •  Ajax
  •  jQuery

from $800/Month

Hire Dedicated SEO Expert. Expertise in the fields of:

  •  SEO
  •  SMO
  •  SEM

from $800/Month

Virtual IT Team: Small

  • One Web/Graphic Designer
  • One PHP Developer
  • -------
  • -------

from $1000/Month

Virtual IT Team: Medium

  • One Web/Graphic Designer
  • One PHP Developer
  • One SEO Expert
  • -------

from $1800/Month

Virtual IT Team: Big

  • One Web/Graphic Designer
  • One PHP Developer
  • One SEO Expert
  • One Content Writer

from $2000/Month

Our dedicated developers and designers can helps and support you in the betterment of the business and other aspects.