Web site audit

Site usability audit performed by our specialists allows you to identify faults, if any, on the pages of your site. A visitor’s ability to quickly carry out a desired action on the site directly influences the visitor’s satisfaction and increase in sales. Development of site in our company already presumes auditing of usability.


We do complexity and topic testing and audit of any level site usability, and basing on the results we give you complied recommendations with which you’ll see increase in the site traffic, conversion of visitors into buyers, multiply the users’ interest and promote loyalty to your company. The main aim of the site usability audit we carry out is to maximally enhance the convenience of using the site.


During such works, our specialists study the whole your Internet project and will help you to find answers to the following questions:

    •    Does all the services operate correctly?
    •    Is it easy for the visitors to get the required information?
    •    Why is the resource traffic high, but there are few buyers?
    •    How can the site efficiency be increased?
    •    Which pages are most attractive for visitors and which ones are clicked least of all?


During audit we study the operation of the site services (ordering product, search, etc.), estimate navigation on pages and whether it’s convenient to use them, analyze home page as it is convenience of the elements location on it that is assessed by any visitor first of all. We also pay careful attention to the content of pages, content quality, check the correctness of the site displaying in different browsers.


We have individual approach to audit of usability of every site. Because every sphere has its own specific elements that must be taken into account. We look at your site as a prospective customer. And more than 10-year experience in web development enables us to perform high quality audit within the shortest time. As a result, you get a detailed report and recommendations regarding improvement of your site usability.