Responsive Design

Just how important is responsive website development?

Mobiles are here to stay and have rapidly become an inseparable part of our lives. A number of studies suggest that mobile browsing is all set to overtake desktop browsing within the coming few years. However, a number of business owners find this change quite deterring, as it adds up the complexity and also the cost. In such cases business owners wonder what approach they should take.

Responsive Design

The best way in which you can adapt to this change is by opting for responsive design. In the marketing world, responsive design has become the latest buzz. Several webmasters have praised the fact that it provides an excellent user experience for mobile devices.
Below are Some of the reasons why you need responsive web design Dubai:
Reduce the cost


Before people opted for responsive designing, if they wanted to give their users a mobile experience, they had to develop a separate set of templates for every device. This would considerably add to the cost and usually people do not want to bear these costs. When you opt for responsive design, it customizes your website to fit the screen size of all devices. This indicates that you just have to develop just one website hence reducing the costs.
Save build time


With the convenience of designing and building a single website also helps you save time. It means fewer approvals, meetings and also saves you the hassle of going through the process again and again every time a new device is launched.
Competitor advantage


Responsive design is still in the developmental stages and there are chances that your competitors have still not executed it. When you choose responsive design to suit all devices optimally it will leave all your competitors stunned. Your visitors are promised with a better user experience and are likely to take action.
Longevity. The professionals at Re-Bit Technologies are very well aware that the number of browsers, devices and platforms are constantly on the rise. And the website also has to work with these ever increasing changes. Therefore, it is the responsive web design that offers a fundamental ship in the way websites are built and handled in the future too.

  • Our professionals can deliver with a single solution that befits small, medium and large screens equally well.

  • They will work in an uncompromising manner on the quality of the deliverables.

  • They understand that time and money, browser support, content and performance are the four key factors that need to be ascertained initially.

  • The professionals have the expertise to make the entire effort modular and also enter browser emphasizing always on the optimization factor.


When you opt for responsive design, your site is set to stay active for a longer time. Your website will be user friendly even during the coming times.
If you provide your visitors with a good user experience, they are more likely to take action. Making use of responsive design implies that you are giving users an experience