3D Modeling

Re-Bit company pays great attention to the individual components of the game art as an independent service. 3D modeling is not an exception especially given the fact that it is experiencing rapid growth due to greater use of 3D-printers in different spheres of life.


Our experts can help you get a high quality models with the correct geometry for all needs and objectives of your project. Mechanisms, vehicles, interior or architecture objects and more will be modeled with high quality. Classic items which are modeled by our experts are:



  •     Residential buildings
  •     Commercial buildings
  •     Industrial buildings
  •     Buildings of recreation areas
  •     Wind turbines, solar panels
  •     Architectural elements
  •     Interior decoration


Mechanisms implied:

  •     Space components
  •     Automotive components
  •     Kitchen objects
  •     Technological equipment (machines, conveyor)
  •     Creating different geometries
  •     3D parametric modeling by example
  •     Surface modeling
  •     3D modeling of parts of vehicles

We can create a texture for models ,environment, light and setting if it is needed. You will get next advantages working with us:

  • We are always in touch with the customer 24/7
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Guaranteed security of your data and projects
  • Loyalty to the cost of work
  • High speed operation and implementation models in your projects without loss of quality