Creating a site

Web Studio Rebit in Odessa is the right decision if you want to become famous and wealthy business owner. Absolutely does not matter what you sell: books, flowers or a digital camera, we know how to attract the target audience, interested customers and sell your product. Yes, and so to sell to the next time the client does not hesitate to go directly to your company .. We offer the service of creating websites online store.

In our arsenal of advanced tools that allow you to develop creative design. It is an exclusive graphic design plays an important role in sales. The phrase "in any store you can find what you need" is a myth, as unattractive and confusing interface of the site pushes the client to the first seconds of visiting the site. Due to the long experience with the service site creation shop, our design team can offer unique ideas that will literally attract audience.

Firstly the design of any website should be interesting. The right combination of colors, shadow, font, layout pictures and other details should be understandable ordinary users, is a big plus. We know how to create user-friendly features on the website online store. Turning to our studio, tell us about your wishes, and we will try to implement them as accurately as possible.

Today, it is fashionable enough to create websites for online shopping services. Initially, everything seems easy and tempting. But there are several reasons why the creation of an online store on the site is fraught with constructors: the inability to add as many headings as we would like Design identical to the existing online shopping market "Poor" functional slow and cumbersome job opening pages and reboot Free version allows you to use the site only during the first month, after which you will have to pay.

Complimentary services offer a limited set of options the absence of your own domain name and hosting saving on creating high-quality site in the beginning, you will spend time and money to create a professional website in the studio. Order a website for online store, you trust the process of working and solutions to promote business online trained people in the art.

Creation and promotion of online store web studio Rebit is available both in Odessa and Kiev. For several years now we create, optimize and provide technical support to leading brands and their online store. Our marketers know "works" solutions for websites.

Integration with social networks, feedback function, as well as PR moves, such as the "old price" and "bestsellers" will help you to win new customers, inspire confidence in existing ones, while enhancing the budget. And of course you are interested in creating an online store cost.

Every project is an individual process. Price development of the site depends on the design of the main and inner pages (ready template or exclusive), filling pages (for example from the 1st up to 30), the creation of additional pages ("shares", "news", "comparison"), search engine optimization, training Site Manager (adding and deleting images, text, etc.) and hosting for a desired period. By visiting our site, you will be able to ask questions and to order online website creation. Since our studio is located in Odessa, we accept requests from clients from different cities and successfully conduct the work process, communicating by phone, Skype and e-mail.