Order Online shop


If you are looking for a solution for sales growth, then use the service order to create an online store in web studio Rebit. We selected large companies on the Ukrainian market for three simple reasons:

We only create unique designs that can not be repeated
We develop online stores that work quickly and efficiently
We offer reasonable prices for any site to create a 100% guarantee of success

Today, the service order creation online store so common that customers themselves can develop sites on free sites. This method probably interesting, but the fruits of such a large designer will bring. First, a free platform for creating this site template design interface, and therefore ready site will never be exclusive. Second, these services have limited functionality, but if you want to expand opportunities will have to pay a monthly or yearly. And third, built on the site of an online store does not have a constructor of a domain name and hosting, which adversely affects the relevance of the site.

The studio employs professional copywriters Rebit, designers, programmers and marketers. Each of these people perform a separate operation, which is important for the site. Copywriters fill the site content (text, slogans, description of goods, etc.), graphic designers are coming up with ideas to show the essence of the brand, making it an attractive and understandable to ordinary people. Programmers optimize the main and inner pages of your site, and marketers identify customer needs and are responsible for the successful sale of goods / services.

To order the creation of a site online store, you will need to contact our managers and to provide information for processing (photos, videos, text about the company, brand, description of goods, price). We will talk about step by step plan of the project, stipulate budget and deadlines.

Creating custom websites in web studio Re-bit will allow us to show individuality, as much as possible to reveal its essence, make the original proposal to potential customers and of course to sell a product / service.

"On Order" means an individual approach. We offer 3 different designs for internet resource:
• Ready
• Templates
• Exclusive

Development of exclusive design is more expensive, but the effect of such a site will admiring reaction. Also, the unique design will allow using graphics to convey the meaning of the company - conciseness, rigor, selection of colors, brightness, etc.
Creation of sites to order involves the development and optimization of functions to the specifics of the organization. For example, an online store for rich functionality: order, purchase, comparison, participation in the action - the key to success for the corporate site, you must choose the services that will help to present a company, for a system of ticketing basic function selection online.

Tell us what you would like to see your site, and we, with the help of skills and tools that embody ideas into reality. The cost of creating websites to order depends on the personal wishes of the customer and always justified by the best result.


Web Studio Rebit in Odessa proposes the creation of the following types of site:

Corporate website

To raise the rating and image, the owner of any company should have a corporate website. This type of site has several pages and be sure to include a site map, a form of messaging, news, catalog and useful articles. Corporate site requires detailed information about the company and its services. Corporate website design dozhzhen convey the style of graphics solutions.

Business site

A small site that serves only information resource. The site must present information about the company, services and products, map, address and telephone number. Here to help design the content look expressive and easily understood. Online Business Card is the perfect solution for "the young animals' organizations aimed to inform the target audience.

Website directory

Site filled with merchandise, photos and descriptions which the customer can view by going to the directory. In contrast to the online store, site directory does not have an order form and purchase goods online. This process is carried out with the manager on the phone. Website directory has a "site search" that allows you to quickly find heading.

Promo site

This type of site is intended for large advertising a new service or product. Typically, this site is not eternal and is designed for a certain period. The service order will allow the creation of a site promo page to be on top positions and to disseminate information about the company in general. Unique and vibrant design - the success of the promotional site.