Web Studio Rebit in Odessa is a unique opportunity to quickly and effectively promote the brand on the market position of a competitor. Our team - professionals and incredibly creative people who are able to make from the air expensive product. No matter what direction your organization, we can help you become a leader and to gain secure position.

Among the many urgent services, the company offers a service to create corporate websites. If your goal - to spread the word about your business or company, this category of sites created specifically for this request. Corporate website design is chosen individually by the customer and is optimized for search engines to choose from. You can also set up email. Created content for the site should contain important and accurate information on the scope, services offered and prices. This site should not contain many pages of entertaining character, reminiscent of the news about the weather or a gallery of photos that would distract from the concept. Select the main key phrases and to focus on the benefits of the company's customer help professionals Re-bit.

One of the first steps towards the development of the business is a corporate site. The service allows the creation of corporate websites to develop a stylish image that will be profitable. It is a powerful tool for disseminating information to potential customers and informing their existing audience. Corporate website is created not only for buyers of your products or services, the site is designed for partners, competitors and employees of the company with the task of keeping up to date with all the events taking place around the organization.

The advantage of the service to create corporate websites in Re-bit:

Development of a unique and attractive design, through which customers can make the correct view of the company
We will help to raise the image of the organization
Corporate website is the best solution if your company has offices in various cities and countries
In addition to filling the site content, we develop applications, presentations, accounting and accounting program for the integration of business processes
Site works on the creation of a large team - copywriters, designers, programmers and marketers
Reasonable prices and order fulfillment by specified dates for each client individually.

In other words, the corporate website is your business card. Decent appearance, ease of perception, as well as an intriguing offer guaranteed increase profits and help win the trust of the Internet space.

We adhere to the stepwise structure creating site:

Meeting with the client, defining tasks
Next, we study your business and development plan
Commercial offer
Execution of tasks (graphic processing, filling pages of text, applications)
Testing Site
Setting the search engine optimization
Technical support and training to manage turnkey website

If you already own a website or online store group in one of the social networks, corporate website will be another presentable source of information about the company, its products and activities.

Rebit studio uses modern and really "work" tools for creating online projects. Service creation of exclusive sites is that we often hear from our customers. Indeed, today the originality plays a huge role. Often, in search of the necessary information we get on dozens of sites, and only some of them can boast an interesting design, extraordinary arrangement of pictures, text and semantic etc. If you want to become an owner of a beautiful site, then our team is ready to create a unique image for the brand.

We offer the following types of site development:

For online representative

Corporate website
Business site
Promotional website

Information resources

Internet portal
Web Directory
Theme website

Web services

Classified ads
Social network
The mail system

Creation of exclusive sites - process of the compound your problems and our ideas. We guarantee to obtain surprising results, the promotion of business development just up and popularity among users on the Internet.

People used to trust what they see. This rule applies to virtually all aspects of our lives. Now before you go somewhere or buy something you can look at it on the Internet. And really - why go looking for the right product or service to you if all you need can be found sitting at home on the computer?
Statistics show that about 10% of buyers check the availability of the site at the company before having her do any business. And this percentage has been growing turning into yet another reason for which any company or organization should think about creating a website.

In Web Studio Re-bit Web agency for companies begins with a meeting with a client. You - talk about the company, its products and goals that you want to achieve. We - come up with a legend or write the true story about the origins of the organization, creating a graphic and functional work plan and approve it.

To develop a website for your company will be engaged in:
• Programmers - create a platform for the construction site, the required number of pages, adjust and optimize the functions, services,
• Designers - develop graphical image with animation and 3D to impressive effect
• Copywriters - write articles for the Landing Page, pages about products and services, news, useful information, etc.
• Marketers - exploring the scope of activities of the company, its competitors and offer their vision of effective advertising to promote your site

This integrated approach will allow to create a website for a few days with a guarantee of high quality and results, which is needed for the rapid development and popularity of the Internet project.
Cost of services web studio Re-bit negotiated with each customer individually, after the adoption of business decisions.

Creating a corporate website is now engaged in a lot of web studios and this is also a reason, because the demand for such services is growing rapidly.

So what are the advantages of the presence of your own website?
In addition to demonstrating their own prestige it also shows the level of concern about their own customers. All the latest news, or achievements that relate to events that occurred in your company can be posted on the website and in this way brought to the attention of customers. This in turn will increase in their eyes credibility of your company that will provide additional advertising and contribute to the expansion of the customer base.

Even if you do not intend to sell goods over the Internet, the creation of a corporate site will help you keep in touch with clients and partners. It can be placed your contact information - it will greatly increase the chances to make new, useful contacts, which is important in the development of the business. You can also facilitate the work of your HR managers will give him the opportunity of selection of employees through the Internet. Or do without his services placed on the corporate website information for applicants.

Specialists of web studio re-bit answer all your questions about corporate sites. We will help you choose the perfect time to update the information on this site. Moderation - an important aspect in maintaining your customers continued interest to your online resource.
Our employees develop the ideal structure of the site so that the client decides to visit him immediately able to correctly orient. All information will be posted on sections where you can learn about the history of your company, or to evaluate the results of its work.

In a Web-studio we re-bit creative approach to each assignment and order. That helps our customers to fully benefit from our cooperation.