Creating online store

For any business owner, active promotion of goods and services, popularity, high demand and high quality assessment - the main indicators of success.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a company, shop or agency without a website. Sales on the Internet is a convenient function that corresponds to the rapid pace of life of modern people.


Web Studio offers Rebit Services Web stores at prices that justify the 100% result. With an online store, you do not need to spend money on rent, recruitment, etc. Site Store allows you to submit all products with pictures and descriptions, convenient ordering options and information about the shop.

Creating a site online store and its advantages: Development of a unique and attractive design Selecting a template or finished design Creation functions to inform customers The opportunity to sell an unlimited number of headings with pictures and description Search engine optimization Creating online store - a modern service, which would allow for a successful sale online You'll be able to add new items, change prices and supervise other functions on the site We provide technical support, warranty against breaking and training site management Web development shops will not take much time. Turning to our studio, you have the opportunity to choose a ready solution.

If you want to order an exclusive online store site, then the process will take longer work, respectively the cost of developing a unique site will cost more. Service creation Shop pretty creative, because here you can show imagination. Basic details of the proposal are: Design Filling the pages of content and pictures Product catalog Shopping Cart Order Form Additionally, we propose to create some options that enhance the ability of your company and intrigue potential customers: "About Us" News Stock "Bestsellers" Search (price category, the color of goods, country of origin, brand, etc.) Map Also, to improve sales and awareness of the target audience, we offer the option to "call back", through which customers can leave the application at any time, after which you can contact them. "Social sharing" (icons Facebook, VKontakte, twitter etc.) To help customers tell their friends about your company - this is another effective step to disseminate information.

Moreover, that such a move is a sign of trust. Our wide experience of website creation online store allowed us to determine the decisive moments of the site that visually guide the consumer to make a choice in a positive way. Web Studio Rebit is a talented team of professionals who use new technologies. Online shop - a complicated matter, but for visitors, the meaning should be more than clear.

We know how to create the right, and at the same time stylish interface buyer who would have served as a convenient online store.

For example, when the mouse on the image of the goods, the customer can read the product description, function quickly add to cart, allows you to see the amount of goods ordered and the amount. "Sell" the course - to provide two prices, one of which is old. Seeing the same price, the customer will want to buy goods. These, and many other interesting ideas we are happy to make a reality for everyone who wants to have a quality website online store.