Production of online stores


Design Studio web development Re-bit in Odessa is a new look at the business on the internet. In today's world, people choose to purchase goods and services used online, which saves time, is detailed and functional service. We propose the creation of creative sites that give a 100% guarantee of successful communication and sales.

Manufacturing service online stores is the best way to express the company and products offered. One of the main advantages of online store site it day and night. Statistics show that a large percentage of people make purchases later in the night, and this is a great way to increase sales. Also, the online store is not tied geographically, which positively influences the choice of the target audience. While in office, apartment or hotel, the customer can leave the application and Courier online store delivers the goods at a convenient time. Providing comfort to the client, the chances to get great popularity. And of course, saving your budget: offering goods visually, you do not need to spend a finance lease area, an attractive showcase, recruitment, payroll protection and cleaning companies.

Opportunities for manufacturing services online stores:

Unique and eye-catching design
Unlimited number of pages
Adding headings and pictures, description of features, prices and discounts
Create a Slideshow
Cart (quickly add items in the cart with the function of displaying the quantity of goods and the total amount)
Product Search Site (price category, trends, brand, color, etc.)
Option customer registration online
Live Chat
Social buttons (effective method of disseminating information, the approval and trust of customers)
Payment (credit card or terminals)
Product Reviews
Subscribe to news
Compare Products

The cost of services to create an online store includes synchronization with 1C, simple words buhgalterniya online, which will help to keep records in one system.

The above proposals for an online store to make your site attractive, multifunctional and at the same time easy to read. After the project online store customer, we provide training on the use of the site through which you'll be able to add new headings, photos, news, change prices and possess other important functions.

In Rebit design studio web development online store is a profitable proposition for any businessman. Owning such sites, you can manage online sales, which will analyze the success of the company. You can also keep your existing customers up to date news about the arrival of new products. Your customers will certainly share the information with their family and friends in the virtual world (social networks) and in communication.

Creating creative sites (corporate catalogs, business cards, promotional) increase the reputation for professional interface. Entrusting the development and promotion of a site to us, you will be able to become trusted brand in the market and increase sales at times, due to the correct promotion online store for top positions in search engines.

Turning to our web studio, we offer go and show in practice that will convince you - high-quality and exclusive site is a "golden key" to success. We will answer all your questions, give our portfolio of work for the leading companies in the market, and most importantly - make a reality of the business of your dreams.