Speed of loading pages

Visiting the site, a significant factor for the target audience is the speed of loading pages. Slowly gruzyaschaya texts and images repel customers and page of the site is closed. Also, the download speed of the site and its pages as a negative or positive effect on the search robots. That your site had a high conversion and was relevant to the search engines, you need to take care of his dynamic work.
Below is represented by modern and efficient tools to identify and analyze the "slow" moments on the site. Using the data server, you effortlessly and spending budget will increase the performance of your Internet resource.

1. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
Server allows you to check the speed of download sites in the Google search engine for computers and mobile devices. The tool offers recommendations to optimize the speed.

2. Pingdom Tools
The server evaluates the average time of download speed and the number of calls to the resource. The data is output in tabular form for each keyword. Is a function of display elements that slow down the loading process.

3. WhichLoadFaster
The tool provides an analysis of the velocity at two sites (and your competing). The server shows how to load two sites with statistics.

4. Web Page Performance Test
This server (Dallas) loads the site twice for accurate statistics. Here you can see how well organized the data caching and page looks like on the site every second. Here you can also check the requests for groups that took the most time to load.

5. GTmetrix
Popular tool (Canada) to test the speed of your Internet resource. There is a convenient storage feature stories for later comparison download speed. The server offers recommendations from the search engines Google and Yahoo to improve resource and download speed of its pages.

6. Load Impact
Server - a test to check what kind of load can withstand website. The tool checks the number of users and potential active compounds. Upon completion of the test, which lasts for several minutes, the user will be given a timetable infidelity site loading velocity depending on the number of users. In parallel with this tool you can use other servers to check the download site at peak times.

7. Monitis Tools
The tool allows you to check the download speed from different parts of the Earth (Asia, Europe, USA). Testing the site in the necessary parts of the world, the server issues a separate statistics for each request.

8. SiteSpeed.me
The service sends requests from 30 different data centers to the page you want to analyze and provides statistics on the rate of each of the centers to the page. Data is output on time and rate as the best, average and worst.

9. PR-CY
Modern tool for checking speed Internet resource. Each user has the possibility to check up to 10 addresses. So you can compare the load time of your site and competitors' sites.

10. WebPage Analyzer
Easy to use service for inspection and analysis speed of page loading, as well as its content - content, images, styles, scripts.
These servers to check the download speed, and filling its pages are the most common and effective. Most likely, over time, will appear sophisticated tools that are easy to improve the operation of the site without the help of specialists professional web studios.