analysis competitor

No matter whether you are a site owner or sells products / services outside of the Internet, you need the help of modern tools to identify and analyze their competitors.

1. Google Alerts

Free service, quite easy to use and it will take you if your goal - to get the latest information about the brand competitors. Leaving your mailbox, you will receive links. You can also smonitorit number of mentions of your brand name on the Internet.

2. SocialMention

Service, similar to the previous and is free of charge. The main difference - the ability to find information about the brand in video services, social networks and blogs. Option newsletter.

3. Marketing Grader

Another service to track mentions of brand names in social networks, blogs. In the presence of HubSpot software is provided free of charge. Service to create Sait in Kiev involves the development of a page in one or several social networks and blogs with advertising brand and information about it, which will earn the trust of customers.

4. Topsy

Free System for Twitter. The program allows you to check the number of tweets of interest to the brand from 2006 to the present day. For detailed and in-depth information you can order the professional version - $ 12 thousand. Per year for a license.

5. Competitive Research & Keyword Research Gadget

Tool to search for keywords and competitors. The program allows you to view interactive information inside the pages (age brand pages, keywords, number of visits or the likes).

6. Google Keyword Planner

Another one of the services Google AdWords. The program allows you to view the names of keywords, their quantity and value of each word separately. To work with this tool must have an account adwords.

7. The Search Monitor

The next tool to search for keywords. Giving the results of the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Baidu, blogs and forums, news portals and online stores. The cost of the program from $ 299 to $ 799 / month.

8. iSpionage

Another popular service for graphical search keyword queries competing site, as well as cost per click. The program is available for free, for detailed analysis, you can buy a "silver", "gold" and pro-pack for $ 59, $ 89 or $ 129 / month.

9. Monitor Backlinks

Keyword selection service through links. You can define links by keyword, view the rating for the words in a given period and to compare the results with previous periods. Creating a site to order is the finalization of the beginning of a successful business. Together with a ready site, the client receives detailed information about the key queries that audience is a brand on the Internet.

10. SEMRush

Program with a graphical representation of the analysis of sites of competitors. The service allows you to view the ranking of keywords, traffic and advertising rates. The program can be used free of charge or for a special plan with detailed analytics for $ 69.95 / month.

11. SpyFu

Easy-to-use service with a full display of keywords for a competitor's site. The program picks up requests for organic search and paid extradition AdWords. Baseline services $ 79 / month tariff Professional - $ 139 / month, the price for the agencies - $ 999 / mo.

12. SpyOnWeb

Demanded the program to determine the owner, who has a few sites. To find the resources required: IP - address, url, codes Google AdSense or Google Analytics. Use online for free.

13. InfiniGraph

The program is designed for the analysis of competition in social networks. The report is available in the form of graphics on the site audience. The service is available free of charge.

14. Website Review by WooRank

The tool allows you to create a project for the site, the planning tasks for $ 49 / month. Agencies recommended to use Premium package with advanced features for $ 149 / mo.

15. SimilarWeb

With the service, you will be able to analyze the popularity of a competitor's site. The tool provides detailed graphical information about the brand in the social. networks, ranking behalf within the country and shows traffic from banner or contextual advertising. The program is free, is also available in the accounts: a standard package of $ 99 / Mass., Advanced $ 599 / mo., The business version of $ 2999 / Messiah.

16. Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

The system allows to determine the number of visitors to the site, to save reports in CSV format, and communicate by e-mail. The price of services: $ 199 for sites with low traffic and $ 649 for large projects.

17. What Runs Where

Service name speaks for itself, because with this tool you will be able to track the advertising of its competitors. Function is available to subscribe for new posting information. Prices from $ 299 to $ 700 / month. depending on the volume data.

18. Open Site Explorer

Service will help determine the popularity of a site via links, anchor text, PageRank, its domain and authority. Version with standard options is free, advanced - $ 99 / month.

19. Ahrefs

A relatively new tool to identify popular pages on the site through the link. Free version allows you to define 10 results for a limited time. Package for $ 79 / month. provides unlimited access to the data.

20. Ontolo

Tracking system links. In the program you have the ability to customize their own priorities for the incoming links. Version can be tested free of charge. Package for one project will cost $ 47 / mo., The professional version at $ 97 / month. and a package for agencies to $ 297 / month.

21. Link Prospector

Service for checking links from guest posts, reviews, giveaway, etc. Payment is based on the tests. One test = 1 credit = $ 2. You can also book a package for consultants, agencies and companies. The cost of packages from $ 27do $ 97 / month.

22. Majestic SEO

The program allows you to download the profile data about the backlinks for a competing brand. Service service can be paid monthly or annually. The cost of a standard tariff plan $ 499.90 / year premium class $ 3999.90 / year.

23. Alexa

The best-known tool for SEO, outstanding links, traffic, addresses, keywords, positions in the search for a competing site. Service prices from $ 99 to $ 149 / month. When ordering services create Sait in Odessa seo specialist uses this system to assess the competition and the most effective display of your brand on the Internet.

24. Simply Measured

A powerful tool to spy on his rival, including shows in social networks and traffic from advertising. Service Cost $ 500 / month.