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The development of the trend in 2015 in SEO

The essence of the term SEO is not changed even after 10 years, but how it is used and perfect, will certainly be interesting to know those who literally live on the network. Many are accustomed to simple and easy SEO strategies can not imagine that search engine optimization develops and offers new, advanced features to work effectively.

Perhaps the online space is added to each new site. Due to this, there are SEO features that allow site owners to keep a high position in the search, analyze competitors, and use tools to facilitate business development. If today's service creation and promotion of a site in demand, SEO puts severe enough quality requirements, existing references. But luckily finding the right sources is becoming increasingly simple, because of the mass of new services.

What will be important in SEO in 2015? Further, the trends of the current year:

1. mobilization on the phone, tablet.

Compact, clear and versatile version of the website for mobile phone - one of the hottest trends in 2015. Increasing demand for mobile phones and mobile internet usage has pushed webmasters to create a version for mobile devices. Plus a mobile site to increase the level of confidence in the resource. Developing abundant version of the site, it will automatically be ranked in Web search. Special tools from Google allows you to check your site as it is convenient for use via mobile phone. Another advantage of the version of the site for mobile phones is that now, almost every mobile device is configured to show the location of the phone owner. Therefore, if you are looking for "beauty salon", the necessary sites will be a priority SERPs. When you create a mobile site, you should carefully work on fast loading pages, because the mobile Internet is usually slower.

2. Socialization
Social networks are becoming even more popular this year. In addition to most social networking sites, search engines are combined together with the activity of users. Dissemination of information in a social network (like, share, etc.) will increase the level of indexation, so the improvement groups, news and pictures will be a big plus seo.

3. Content Marketing
All there is to sell, it is necessary to describe. Create content for any goods or services helps to effectively sell them. Apart from the usual articles, images, videos, webinars, conferences, blogs, and of course references to the goods / services in social networks allow to collect the target audience and interact with it.
Due to the fact that at one site customers will come from completely different sources, you will get high traffic.

4. Inbound Marketing
Here, the challenge is to obtain free links. For this purpose, it is necessary to conduct email-newsletter, use guest blogging, create and promote the presentation, publish interviews. Yes, you can work on this seo process will take time, but you are guaranteed to get traffic and enhance the reputation of the site.

5. Kraudmarketing
As before, today webmasters buy links, but not always with a trusted servers. The new service allows the referee to search for target customers, communicate with them and leave a link to your site. This way of working reliable for both webmasters and for the audience.
If you are the owner of a commercial site, then the referee - one of the great ways to quickly increase sales and increase revenue through which does not stop the development of the resource with seo tools.

HTTPS (secure protocol) data, where S (secure). Initially, this Protocol shall apply only to payment systems that need extra protection. Today. Virtually every resource is based on the HTTPS protocol in the search engine. Protect your site by the protocol, information and access to it will be protected from the negative influence. One recent example - a project Yandeks.Pomosch.

7. Evolution of SERPs
Namely, the format of search results does will change. Soon users different search engines will be able to see the new elements markup. For example, Google has already begun ekperementirovat advertising applications in the SERPs. Perhaps soon, and your audience will appreciate Yandex innovations.

8. Expansion Strategies

In 2015, SEO offers to inform your audience even more. Expand the opportunities for traffic through the promotion of articles, publications, social networks, creating a promotional site for advertising products or services.
Using the affiliate program will also allow your website to earn the trust and climb in the top.

9. Landing / odnostanichniki
Landing pages, as in the past year will be popular this year. However, lendingovye page today are not only to increase the conversion of the site in general, but also for the promotion seo pages themselves. Active creation of landing pages - definitely the trend of the year.

10. Evergreen Content
Evergreen Content - creating relevant content. To claim the content include headings such as "frequently asked questions". With the loss of materials, content can be updated. Evergreen Content will allow the site to be not only relevant but also interesting for users.