20 of the most useful and necessary seo tools

Daily use of convenient and essential SEO tools are much easier to work with sites, traffic and profits. If your task - to track, analyze and fix some Internet resources in a certain position in the search results, then the following optimizers exactly come in handy. Perhaps some of them you have heard, and some will be successful discovery.

1. Google Webmaster Tools
Perhaps one of the most popular tools from Google and a wide selection of the best features and intuitive interface.
2. Google Analytical Tools
The service allows you to track the number of visits to the site, and from what sources and devices coming traffic.
3. Yandex.Webmaster
Russian servers for the promotion of Internet resources in the search engine Yandex.
4. Linkdiagnosis
Tool provides data about backlinks to your sites and competitors, but limited to work only in Firefox.
5. SEO Quake
This server can be set for Google Chrome and receive reports on Page Rank sites of interest.
6. Woorank
The system is designed to check the ranking of sites in which you can "outrun" competition and promote the resource.
7. Keywords Density Analyzer
Modern tool to generate keywords and phrases in the subject site. Also have the option of writing articles.
8. Open Site Explorer
The system of in-depth analysis of the site according to Paige wound, links, content and traffic.
9. Key Collector
A very popular tool for the selection of the target query and the semantic core for your site.

10. TrafficTravis
Server set up to gather information about the traffic. Have feature for creating backlinks.

11. PPC Keyword Generator
The tool is intended for companies operating in the system pay-per-click for the creation and selection of keywords.

12. eTXT Antiplagiat
The server checks the unique text to fill sites.

13. SEO Studio
Often used by the optimizer to improve the performance of traffic and positions in popular search engines.

14. Circlecount
Hyde and assistant to work with Google+

15. Ontolo
The program deletes duplicate items on the site, thereby improving its performance and usability.

16. Textcleanr
The usefulness of this tool to check and clean up the text from errors of any kind, properly drawn up proposals and "water".

17. Xml-sitemaps
Fast and high-quality optimizer create XML-files saytmap for search engines.

18. Ahrefs
The tool is the most popular web studios and seo optimiztorov. The bottom line: search back links to sites.

19. Seochat
Seo Forum and useful tools for improving the work sites. The program is very convenient and easy to use.

20. Robots-checker
The tool is designed to find and identify hidden syntactic, grammatical errors in the robots.txt file with the recommendations. For error checking should only know the url of the site / page.