Creating a site turnkey

Our specialization - development of complex web projects, exclusive sites, start-ups and landing pages. We implement any Internet solutions that customers need. We have no restrictions in technology, we focus on the reasonableness, convenience and quality.

The main and most popular categories of sites for the project / company / startup / business

1. Site card

2. Landing-Page (landing page)

3. Image site

What do you get when you create the above types of sites:

1. Unique design wow

2. Adaptive layout

3. comfortable and individually admin panel

4. Module sms-notification

5. corporate e-mail

6. Multi-functional CMS

In developing the site in such concepts we use three main stages:

1. Define goals and objectives of the project. It is important to determine what we are doing and what tasks are implementing the first ocheredb.

2. The timing and budget of the project. We want to accurately guide the customer on price and terms

3. Start is not just a website and a finished product that meets the highest expectations of the target audience.

All work on the creation and development of the site we spend «online». This means that with our online system, you can make changes in the "live mode" and be aware of what stage the project.

Opinion that it is possible to "order" site, and forget what someone will do it and it will start to generate income / benefit - erroneously and often leads to misunderstandings between the performer and the customer at the moment of delivery of the project.

There is another important question: "How much does it cost to build a website?" In it difficult to answer briefly, so it is best to discuss these details with a cup of delicious coffee and donuts at our office or by phone.