Website promotion

Creation and promotion in addition to the graphical content involves adding text material. The mistake many sites - boring and useless content that unfortunately discourage potential customers, respectively, the main task - to sell a product or service is not reached. Qualitatively written texts should first inform, encourage further action. As a unique and original support the company's image and is relevant to the search engines.

It is the uniqueness of the text and its proper preparation plays an important role for search engines, which solve the optimality of the content and the high position of the site in the search results. If you want to write your own text or entrust the matter in the hands of a specialist - a copywriter, then you certainly need a few rules.

Below are five requirements for a quality, competent and most importantly interesting text:

1. Quality
Quality of the text is its literacy. Errors in the words immediately reduce the level of confidence not only from search engines but also the audience that will read the writing. To do this, there are editors who check the content after copywriters before publication on the website.
Qualitative text does not contain spam (an excessive amount of Anchor and bezankornyh links). The text should be written naturally and not "cut" ear inappropriate declinations, 10-word phrases, etc. Easy to read content has a positive effect on the conversion of the site and allow you to become popular.
Text structure also affects the positive result. Lists, headings, tables, and adherence to the rules will make the text formatting presentable and understandable common man.

2. Unique content
The text should not be copied from other resources and inserted into your web page. Also, it is important not to allow sentences or phrases from other sources, since even a small percentage of repeat will not be able to bring your website on top positions. There are many online programs and those that can be downloaded to verify the uniqueness of the text. Ideally, the prepared text for publication is 100% allowable rate - 95%.
If you use different sources of information, then navigate deep rewrite using synonyms and expressing thoughts in your own words.

3. Diversity of text
Search engine spiders pay attention to the "rich" text, one which uses a variety of words, synonyms, word forms, abbreviations, Latin names and transliteration, quotes and terms. Think of interesting occurrences of keywords that spammers will be hard to alter and use in their texts.
You can also make an analysis of your competitors and add phrases that will not be repeated. Turning to the web studio, professional copywriters make uniquely diverse, stylish and original.

4. The signed image in the text
If your text on the site you are using photographs, drawings, tables, image, be sure to sign them. It is not always possible to clearly define the audience what is this or that picture. For the signature images have an attribute ALT. Using this rule, you will attract traffic and your site will be visible to issue a search for information on the images.
Signatures in format Flash, PDF, DOC can also be recognized by search engines.

5. Relevance text
When you create a text should be possible to take into account the needs of their potential customers. Often, copywriters create keywords that are complicated for ordinary people. Therefore, your text should consist of a mid-range queries, synonyms and different proposals, so the customer will be more likely to find your site. For example, if you are selling watches in Kiev, Kiev meaning of the word should be as relevant as the clock. In selling text indication of the region in key request will allow the target audience will find your source.
Today, there are many resources that are aimed at the analysis of the competition and selection of keywords. Services Web Odessa includes not only the development of graphic design, functionality, but also the selection of the necessary keywords for effective website promotion.

Errors when creating websites and tips to their respective owners

There are several errors that slow down the development of your business in the Internet space. What are they, how to avoid them, as well as helpful tips will help your website to earn the trust of search robots, customers and reach the top rankings.

• Commercial advertising
Often by going to a specific site, we can see a lot of content or banner advertising, which does not correspond to the theme of the site. Marketplace your site is intended to promote only your information, advertising or alienate the rest of the client from using your resources or "take" the attention on himself, leaving your information unnoticed.
Also, this applies to links that lead to other sources of subjects.

• SMO - advertising
Site Advertising in social networks increases its popularity. Place Buttons Facebook and Twitter, you can easily distribute information about the site, and then the interested public itself will help to promote your site, share information with your friends.

• Update content
New entries - news, useful information and articles about products / services to help earn the trust and show that your site is active, and hence demand. Number of fresh articles you can supervise themselves from 1 day to 1 month.

• Using trending words
If your site contains buzzwords such as "inauguration" poutine ", etc. You can easily enter the list of popular sites. Of course, do not forget about the subject site and the use of such words without the distraction of sense. To help - the latest news and events that are widely used trend word or phrase.

• Location of key phrases on the page
On a positive effect on your site affects not only literate keywords, but also their location. It is advisable to mention the keywords in the first paragraph after the title, if possible in the first sentence. This SEO-admission shows that further information will be discussed is on.

Following these rules are not complicated, you get rid of the error, enter the guaranteed trust search engines, show the image of the company and increase your position without financial investments for website promotion.