For successful and effective website promotion in search engines need to use SEO techniques. The semantic core (selection of key phrases, their grouping, filtering) will determine the theme of the site and take a leading position among the competing sites.

Have their own systems analysts who define the transitions on search phrases and help determine the most relevant (and which should promote the site). Website Design Odessa in professional web studio includes a service selection key queries and analysis. Popular counters for self-use are free, allowing you to collect reports on key phrases without the help of specialists design studios.

The most popular free service to view statistics for targeted requests:

  •     Google Analytics

    Using panel for webmasters. You can get a report on existing keywords and phrases. The counter should only be used for the search engine Google, as the system is not optimized for data collection of Yandex.

  •     Яндекс.Метрика

    A similar system is only a search engine Yandex. Step by step: "Sources" - "Bots" You will be able to identify visits and views phrases and identify the most popular.

  •     LiveInternet

    Free and advanced server offers request a review and shows the relevance of keywords to seasonality.

Services search engine

The following search engines have their own counters analysis of key words and phrases, as well as their selection of a specific topic of interest.

  •     Yandex wordstate

On the server, you can pick up the key questions in the region and after viewing their stats if your website ranked in the search engine Yandex.

  •     Rambler wordstate

The server provides an analysis of target queries in the search engine Rambler.
You will be able to analyze the words and phrases in the selected period and find out how popular a specific request in Russia and regions.

  •     Keyword Planner Google

    Choice of words for the search engine Google. In addition to organic traffic can be configured to collect data from a query video YouTube.

  •     Query statistics Mail.ru

    Service is not too popular yet used Mail.ru search engine allows you to view the page through the attendance of key requests information from which country and city visitors find the site.

  •     Google Trends

    Show popular and the most popular searches on topics and countries.

  •     Google Correlate

    Relatively new SEO tool for analyzing information from sites located in the search engine Google. How it works - you specify key words / phrases, and shows or service users make the same request. So you can keep track of user behavior and create the desired target requests.

  •  Ready offline and online databases

Finished Base keywords can save you time, avoid handling in web studio and spending finance for selection queries. Ready-base can be divided into paid, shareware and paid (limited number of functions, additional fees apply):

Pay base

  •     Base Pastukhova

This database offers Russian-language key phrases and CPC for search engine Yandex. The program has a user-friendly interface, multi-function, allows you to work with filters and lists.

  •     UP Base

    The base has both Russian-speaking and English-language keywords collected from a variety of relevant sources. However, the program has a limit on the number of requests.

  •     Mutagen

    Online database for effective selection of key phrases. Also have the option of viewing the competition for a keyword that will help you reach the highest position in the SERPs.

  •     KeyBooster

    Service attached to the base of "Magadan" and stores requests that have already been processed by other users. The base has an interface. Allowing you to create applications.

  •     RooStat

    Base keywords and phrases from Russian Internet. Database is updated monthly, so users have more chance to make your website fresh and popular.

Competitor analysis services

The service for the analysis of competitors, you can pick up and use unique target queries for your site. These services have a large number of functions and are an excellent solution if you want to move the site to the top and to attract the maximum number of audiences.

Paid services:

  •     Advse

    To search queries, you must enter the site address. Issuance shows the keywords and phrases of your site and also displays advertisements from search engines Google and Yandex.

  •     advODKA

Service displays advertisements on the key demands for sites TOP20 in search engines Google and Yandex. The server is designed for only two regions - Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  •     SpyWords

Server to issue queries and analysis of the key sites of competitors with information about the domain name of the site (and Moscow region).

  •     SemRush

Popular service to search for the target words and phrases in the search engines Google and Bing. Service collects up to 100 million. Requests TOP20 sites. Selection of Russian and English of keywords.

  •     Prodvigator
  •     Service analyzes the Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and Kazakhstan Google, as well as targeted requests from Yandex (Moscow and other regions). Function keyword selection and tips.
  •     TopVisor
  •     Processing of keywords from Google and Yandex, as well as download them from the panel for webmasters projects.
  •     Spy Fu

The server is perfect for those who create the English-language projects. Search queries and statistics will determine the parameter complexity promotion of key phrases.

  •     Keyword Eye

Viewing English target requests for competing sites. There is an option unload key phrases for a given query from the finished base.

Shareware servers

  •     SimilarWeb

When the problem site, the system displays statistics on the traffic and demands of the organic issue.

  •      Alexa

One of the most popular services for SEO. For one site server gives 5 key searches. Advanced features can be purchased for an additional fee.

Specialized servers for the selection of semantic core

Paid services

  •     actualkeywords.com
  •     A given subject, you will be able to choose the appropriate key English-language queries. Service is ideal for those who wish To create and promote the site in English language Google.
  •     wordtracker.com
  •     A popular tool for analyzing English keywords.
  •     Key Collector
  •     Install software for Windows, the user is able to hold a lot of features for the collection of interest to key phrases.

Free services

  •     keywordtool.io

Alternate server AdWords Planner for the search engine Google. The program provides up to 750 proposals for each keyword in 83 languages ​​and regions. Selection of requests from YouTube, AppStore and Bing.

  •     keywords.megaindex.ru

    Selection of keywords for a site on the system for the promotion and site analysis MegaIndex.

  •     ubersuggest.org

    Processing tips from search engine Google. Language functions are available, as well as filtering of key phrases from the images or news.

  •     wordpot.com

    The service offers a wide selection of English-speaking target queries under the theme of the site.

  •     words.elama.ru

    Selection of key queries with a Russian interface without the possibility of discharge of words in a file.

  •     keywordtooldominator.com/k/amazon-keyword-tool/

The service is intended for commercial advertising and requests. Issuance of key phrases from the online store Amazon.

Shareware services

  • fastkeywords.biz

Base quick selection of keywords with the decline for a wider choice.

Programs to work with semantic core

Paid services:

  •     Magadan
  •     Processing keyword queries from Yandex. In addition to the selection of keywords, you can compose an advertisement for search engine Yandex.
  •     Keyword Organizer

Convenient and versatile program for grouping queries on subjects and creating content for the site.

  •     Just Magic

Automatic selection of queries on the subject, as well as search for popular pages using key phrases.

  •     MegaLemma
  •     Checking the keyword relevancy, grouping by subject and export data in a convenient format.
  •     Rush Analytics

Processing and display search suggestions key requests from most popular to least.

  •     s: toolz
  •     Automatic selection of key words and phrases for your site accordingly topics.
  •     Keyes
  •     The server will automatically allocate a large number of keywords in groups. 

 Free services:

  • Yandex Wordstat Helper
  •  Collecting key phrases from Yandex with the ability to use existing queries to Google and Mazilla Firefox.
  •  export.yandex.ru/inflect.xml
  •  Service for the selection of target queries and declination for Yandex.
  • Mystem

The program allows you to upload text and hold it a morphological analysis (only in Russian).

  • tools.k50project.ru/lemma/
  • Tools for picking declinable requests and bring them in normal form.

  • kg.ppc-panel.ru
  • Tool for grouping key searches for occurrences.
  • Macro of Devaka
  • The program is designed to OpenOffice. Has the function of the classification of keywords search.
  • Key Assistant
  • The service allows you to distribute searches through the pages manually.

Using comfortable and functional services, you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of its own website and to process the data competitors to improve their project without much expense.