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Creating and developing the site, in addition to text information, graphics carry meaning, reinforce written and entertaining play a role. Also, the pictures bring traffic when searching for a particular resource is through "search for images."

How to track traffic from the pictures, if Google gives the result of mixing (content, advertising and images), and does not show a clear Yandeks.Kartinki Statistics exactly what the picture led the audience to the site.

If you use the graphics on the site and would like to increase its rating, then you need to know a few ways how not difficult to track traffic from the pictures in Google and Yandex.
Search Google Images
Use the search engine Google, to identify traffic from the pictures, use the following course of action in the panel for webmasters:

1. Section menu "Search engine traffic"
2. "Searches"
3. Select the filter "Images", as the default panel shows the traffic from organic issue

This result will help determine the relevance of the images which have great views and some devices.

In Google Analytics you can also view the conversion of images by their names. The main thing is to leave the image open for indexing, then your report will not be empty.

A similar program to track traffic from the search engine Yandex - Moscow will allow to analyze the popularity of pictures and the percentage of their views.

For the record, in Moscow, use the following steps:

Menu "Sources"
Menu "Bots"
Next to you will report to paragraphs, one of which - Yandeks.Kartinki. By clicking on it you will get a detailed report about the visits and viewing images for phrases.

If your site ranked in Google and Yandex, you should analyze the traffic on a separate image for each of the search engines, as the data from Google do not always include data from Yandex and vice versa.

Website Design Odessa in web studio involves the selection of images and their optimization. Quality pictures attract attention to the content, make the article more varied and interesting. Also professionals create sites in the design studio will take care of fast loading images (that at some sites is a problem).