Today it is fashionable and popular to create blogs, and their theme is absolutely diverse. Perhaps every minute around the world there are thousands of blogs that are looking to the future success and fame. In addition to creating a blog you must take care of his position in the SERPs to get the maximum amount of attention from the audience.

How to promote a blog on the same high regard?

1. Well-chosen topic

You may want to tell the public about healthy eating or the latest car make? With the service service wordstat.yandex.ru you easily tap that most Internet users are interested in. This tool shows statistics about the frequent requests. Having done this analysis, you can select and apply the most popular theme for your blog.
2. Competent structure

Usually the structure of each blog - article. Be sure to use keywords (using the aforementioned service) and fits them not only in the title, but the "body" of the article. Be careful while using targeted queries as illiterate and "cutting ear" distribution of words recognized by search engines as irrelevant resource. The volume of blog entries from 500 starts and ends with 3000 sim sim. Do not forget that great articles - 1000 sim and higher costs, and it is desirable to separate headings lists (ordered and unordered).

3. perelinkovka

Following the development blog, create internal linking that will not only help blog visitors find the information, but also a positive impact on confidence in the Internet. Navigation - one of the key moments of the promotion not only blogs, but sites. Thus you will increase the interest in the blog, and the search robot will raise its position in SERP.

4. Update content

As with any kind of website, a blog should be updated. Constantly adding news articles, useful information and images will keep the audience in the intrigue, it's also important to enter the trust robots on the Internet.

5. External promotion

The quickest and most effective way to promote external blogs - advertising on social networks. Today there is no man who would not have had an account in the popular social networks. Promote your blog on any topic by SMO will help to attract the audience. For this purpose only should register your blog (like myself once) in one or all at once social networks and actively conduct his life, adding news, images and communicating with stakeholders.