Often you can find online file sitemap.xml. For what it is, how it works, how it affects the indexing of the site and whether you want to update it - the issues that will determine whether the file is for the benefit of your Internet resource or just takes up space.

Since sitemap.xml file today a very popular, it is used almost everything. But as far as is necessary to have the file and how it will help improve the site, it is necessary to analyze the information.

The main function of sitemap.xml inform search engines about pages on your site for optimization algorithms, but Google says that it will not scan all the pages of a particular site addresses. The same situation is with the search engine Yandex, which says that not all pages Site will be added to the search index. Typically, the search engine robot learns about Yandex pages (new and old) by following links from the pages.

Webmasters are sitemap.xml file transfer. But maybe you do not need to use the sitemap, if the work quality of your site and all pages are optimized professionally. Not to rely on the file, you need to take care of the correct structure of the Site. It is important to follow the simple rules that are the same link on the main page to access other internal, do not forget about 2-3 clicks from the main page to go to the other, to create a logical and user-friendly menu site to distribute URLs into folders.
If you do decide to use a file Sitemap.xml, then you might want to learn about its positive and negative sides.

Pros Sitemap.xml:

  • Saytmap will be indispensable if the site does not include external and internal links. The search engine can not find those sites that are accessible through javascript or flash-navigation
  • In the Google search engine sitemap formats exist for describing video and images on desktops and content, news to mobile devices. Videos and images are displayed on some sites through scripts. As a search engine does not recognize this format, sitemap can display them.

Cons Sitemap.xml:

  • Leaving the sitemap file on your online resource and not using it, the pages (links) site will lead to the content that you closed from indexation. Therefore the program will recognize the pages of the site as not relevant and will begin to reduce the credibility of the resource.
  • Handlers documents online (parsers) determine whether the file sitemap.xml. There is a file there, the need to look for important documents and analyze the structure of the site is not, as in the file saytmap site owner already have all the documents.

Having considered the pros and cons of working file sitemap.xml, we can say that his need for assistance only for specific recognition sites with navigation, as well as video and images with scripts. Properly operating site does not need a saytmap because it displays all the pages for the search engines. The problem is not visible pages given file is not removed.