How to raise the site

If your online resource still quite young, there are a few helpful tips on how you can bring the site to a competing position without buying links.
How can deduce the site in the first place without spending budget, handling in web studio to optimize and raise self-relevance of a site on the net? Here are some ways in which your site can be in the first place.

  •      Internal optimization seo
  •      Register online resource directories
  •      Adding a site to DMOZ server (website can be manually moderated)
  •      Placing content with links to related resources
  •      Commercial ranking factors.

For commercial ranking factors include the cost of the goods, price-list acting promotions and discounts, product range, the "rich" contact information, reviews completed page and integration with social networking pages.

The most relevant and popular search engine - Google. Every website owner to promote the site through this system and wants to be on top positions.

What is needed to improve the ranking on Google?

  •      Changes in the algorithms of Google (through filters Panda and Penguin)
  •      The presence of links to thematic resources with high PR.

Forms of communication on the site play a significant role for the ranking. Of the page "contacts" can not boast a large selection of communication paths with the company. Filled with contacts page allows search engines to determine the resource as a reliable and trustful. Because of this, the search engine automatically raises the top site.

Examples of good sections:

  •         call back.
  •         questions and answers
  •         page of testimonials, and the opportunity to leave a comment
  •         Online application form

Internal optimization will quickly and free of charge to promote the site on the top positions. Search works recognize the active site as a positive sign, so work on optimizing internal site is guaranteed to raise the top.
What you should pay attention when optimizing:

  •         Creating new pages (especially landing page)
  •         Perelinkovka
  •         CNC URLs (Latin)
  •         Fill the page content and images
  •         The presence of links
  •         Adding pages "reviews" and "contacts"
  •         Optimizing title
  •         Informational articles with links to internal pages

Do not forget about the external links, because they bring a lot of traffic. The following are the advantages of external links to internet resource:

  •         Links advertisements, so their presence will allow the site to grow
  •         Relevance to the search engines Google and Yandex
  •         Links from directories, blogs, forums, social networks are often used because they are considered high-quality (durable)