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Re-bit is a full-service outsourcing software and mobile app development company based in the United States. Our services include initial feasibility assessment and analysis, implementation, testing.

Our company offers development of individual web solutions and services such as: applications, websites, internet projects, startups, Landing, Internet shops, promotion sites, the management of contextual advertising, social media marketing, integrated solutions for development of business in the Internet and web outsourcing.

Your opinion for us always in the first place. We are confident that any conclusions and decisions should be based on analytical findings and statistics obtained after in-depth analysis of consumer behavior and audience. Following this principle the proportion of successful projects and start-ups developed by our company grows every day. It does not matter where are you: Odessa, Kiev, Moscow, USA, Europe or Asia... We have always been based on three main principles: concept, specification and YOU.

We are proud of our company and a great team of talented professionals: graphic designers and artists, game and web-designers, illustrators, front-end & back-end developers, web designers, SEO specialists, client managers and copywriters. All of our employees are actively involved in each process, developing, adjusting, discussions of implementing projects and problems. The main goal for us it is a solution of the problem and its launch.

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The literate design is the first step on the way to success of any web-site. It will be simpler and clearer, the a quicker client will find that searched. But in the pursuit of simplicity we must not forget that the site should look original and fresh. Times when any web resource brought against one requirement - a stable operation, had long gone. Now tops sites and blogs that are not only intuitive to any user, but looks like a little work of art. There are all depends on how you use the site. So it is important to understand that when you create a website online store appearance have to sacrifice. Customers usually interested on sites of this type, how to quickly find the right product and convenient payment system. Other business creation  the web-site of designer studios, restaurants, clubs and other establishments main priority in-process is that an image. 

Corporate site - an important and crucial step for any organization. The decision create the site, of course, indicates that the company aims to reach an entirely new level. For now at its disposal a reliable tool for advertising, to strengthen the company's image, as well as expansion of its customer base through access to the largest world's  audience - an audience of Internet users. In addition, the site - it is also a concern for its own customers. Providing them with help of comfortable form information about your services, promotions and new proposals for your company. All of this will be beneficial to your company's credibility in eyes of customers and partners.

The quality of web-site in the Internet is not only a catalogue of products but also visiting-card of firm. This is effective interactive means for co-operating with readers and potential customers. A professional web-site is a modern instrument of marketing that optimally corresponds to the key tasks of business, reports about new products and services for the interested audience. Professional web-sites not only represent business but also develop it. For example, convert having a special purpose visitors in the real customers and partners for an advantageous collaboration.

Identity Services are basis of modern business on the Internet. This is a professional logo design and corporate identity. Most successful companies monitor the quality of their own corporate identity and engaged in its improvement. In many cases, Identity is the best way to display the company out of the crisis during the change of activity or on the eve of the company into a new market.

Individual approach to clients, combined with the knowledge of advanced information technology of search engine optimization this is the key to sustainable growth in sales and increase profits. Today, 40% of business sales - the Internet. Online Store - the future leader and legislator rules. Everything began with that, a convenient and practical method of purchase which gave the chance buyer to save the time. After all it is much simpler to find the page in the Internet, than to find shop in the city or in bigger shopping center.

In this way sales are in constant growth. Creation of the sites and online stores - a powerful push forward of any company and single-digit a way to success. As the online store can sell 24 hours a day for any place in the world. The most important thing - a constant operating store, it will work around the clock. The client always will be able to see the catalog of goods or services and to order it. A visual representative office will treat much cheaper  than large areas or shop-windows. Store is not attached to the specific territory. The messenger will be able to deliver goods  in the required period. Create the Internet store is far cheaper, than to open its own store.

Web application, landing page, Online shop - a good solution for those who is resolute in its business. Development the internet of shop contains by the great number of inalienable stages. Our specialists will falter all stages. You will receive a beautiful and practical design that will correspond to the topics and exceptional visibility. Development of web design - a way to show themselves, their level and meet the target audience.

Development the Internet site will help our clients easy to be moved on the site. It is possible easily to process order delivering no superfluous expenses of time for the potential customer and looks over a catalogue and various photos. There are additional features such as watching videos, or online consultation, etc. Creation of the business site it is already advertizing to itself on the Internet. The more at you visitors, you will rise above in top lines. The higher your site the more often remaining people see it.

Website promotion - SEO, PPC, SMM. These complex professional measures for development of the qualitative and unique optimizing content. Creation of optimal content is important marketing motion for a modern company. Individual approach to clients in combination with the knowledge of advanced information technology of search optimization it is the guarantee of a stable increase in sales and increase in the profit of company. Today, 40% of business of sales - Internet. Internet store - future leader and legislator guided. Everything began with that comfortable and practical method of purchase, that gave an opportunity to the customer to save the time. In fact find a page in the internet it is more simpler, than find a shop in city or in greater shopping center.

Internet Marketing makes it possible to estimate purposeful audience, to grant that the fact that precisely they desire to acquire and to effectively promote product into the Internet space to clients. Our SEO promotion - a high class work, aimed at promoting business, attracting clients on the network and increase profits.

Designers and content-managers of studio Re-bit happy to take care of that your site client get experienced and aesthetic pleasure. It is important to remember about filling of web-site. Actual and fresh information must be at once given up to the client in eyes. Our SEO experts will make sure that articles and notes on your site were except that correctly placed, but also properly drawn up. Further advance and popularity of your site in the Internet directly depends on this. After creation of web-site, company Re-Bit gives the departmental teaching a management by a web-site for his owners

Latest projects
Unical design
Individual administrative panel
Comfort system of filtration
Adaptive design / mobile version
and much more...
Our expertise allows us to create and develop upscale solutions


Online shops

Mobile apps


Sale development

We have developed websites and web projects to provide:

  • Intuitive and visually pleasing user experience
  • Careful structuring of information and convenient layout
  • Design that will approve your image and will help promote your brand
  • Simple navigation in accordance with the model of user behavior.

Our basic skills:

  • Creating a landing page, sites and portals
  • Web-design, backend-programming
  • Creating a multi-user portals and databases
  • Writing and API and documentation

Most popular types of websites

Landing Page
Sites cards
Brand sites
Parallax sites
Classic sites
Adaptive sites

Mobile application development

We develop mobile applications for Star Up, business, commercial projects, promotion of various goods and services, TV channels, news sites, online media and social networking applications. Choosing Re-Bit Studio, you get high quality software for smartphones and tablets, our developers combine advanced technology and creativity to create mobile applications for a large number of devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, phones, tablets on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS

We develop mobile applications for Star Up, business, commercial projects, promotion of various goods and services, TV channels, news sites, online media and social networking applications. Choosing Re-Bit Studio, you get high quality software for smartphones and tablets, our developers combine advanced technology and creativity to create mobile applications for a large number of devices, including Apple iPhone, iPad, phones, tablets on Windows Mobile, Android and iOS

Our foreign experience

Company Woop provider of outsourcing and other IT services in Ukraine. We have been working with different complexity projects in different countries of the world.

Our integrated approach to the creation and development of software, allows you to create cost-effective and quality products. To help customers and partners get the maximum performance from their tasks.


Andreieva Alexandra


Woop Digital - a company of professionals, 5 years of success, hundreds of completed projects. We develop innovative products that removes most of the attention to statistics, customer opinion and KPI.

The basis of the company's business is streamlined production process by which a studio create quality projects. Our modern design that distinguish us from our competitors:

Technology We are using for development: Swift, Java, Laravel, Php
Trust Well coordinated communication, withstand periods, to do everything 100% to the technical task of each client.
Attention to detail When ordering a project, you can be sure that every detail will be logical, unique and elaborated.
Transparency of All the work of creation, promotion and support of your site is conducted in front of you. This means that you can always see at what stage the work, with the help of our CRM-system.
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